What Can Be Made From Candy Foil

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What Can Be Made From Candy Foil
What Can Be Made From Candy Foil

Video: What Can Be Made From Candy Foil

Video: What Can Be Made From Candy Foil
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Foil is an amazing craft material, highly appreciated by lovers of needlework. After all, this material easily takes any shape, has an attractive appearance and opens up unlimited scope for creativity.


Foil from sweets is an irreplaceable material for creativity. Thanks to its texture, the foil gives the crafts volume, structure, shape stability and elegant look. Working with foil not only develops creativity, but also has a beneficial effect on fine motor skills of the hands.

Jewelry making

Shiny, bright, iridescent foil that still retains the delicate aroma of sweets is a grateful material for creating unique jewelry. Having collected a sufficient number of candy wrappers, you can arrange a real jewelry workshop at home.

Making an elegant necklace will not be difficult: all you need is candy foil and a strong thread of such length that the jewelry can be freely worn around the neck.

Working on a necklace comes down to carefully rolling the balls - they can be either the same size or different. In the center of the beads, for example, there may be the largest and brightest ball, along the edges of it - balls of smaller sizes.

The foil can be squeezed around the prepared thread, trying to give it a spherical shape, or first prepare the balls, and later, with the help of a needle, string them onto the thread.

To create a headset, the necklace can be supplemented with rings and signet rings. To do this, a narrow strip is folded from the wrapper, which is folded into a ring and tried on a finger so that the ring fits snugly, but at the same time can be freely removed, without breaking the material. The remaining ends of the strip are fastened by folding it into a tight knot imitating a stone.

If you have foil of different colors at hand, then you can make a ring with a stone in the frame: the end of the strip is wrapped around a ball of candy wrapper in a contrasting color, the second end of the strip is wound over this structure, securing it. For reliability, you can glue a small piece of transparent tape to the place where the "stone" is attached.

Foil toys

Due to its plasticity and the ability to take the desired shape, the foil from sweets allows you to model exclusive and very elegant crafts that can become an interior decoration.

So, for example, if you cut off the top of small plastic drinking yogurt bottles and wrap it in foil, you get beautiful silver bells. By adding tinsel, a spruce branch and various decorative elements to the bells, you can get a unique New Year's composition.

If you roll thin strips from candy wrappers and prepare various elements for them using the quilling technique, you can get voluminous, shimmering, amazingly beautiful snowflakes and flowers.

Wrapped in silver and colored foil, nuts, cones or small twigs turn into fabulous Christmas tree decorations or elements to create festive decorative compositions.