How To Choose Drumsticks

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How To Choose Drumsticks
How To Choose Drumsticks

Video: How To Choose Drumsticks

Video: How To Choose Drumsticks
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Not every professional drummer will be able to tell you right off the bat why he chose these or those drumsticks. Most likely, their choice is made automatically. They already know what they need. And you also need to know this in order to make the right purchase.

How to choose drumsticks
How to choose drumsticks


Step 1

Pay attention to the surface of the sticks - they should be smooth, even, made of fairly dense wood. In addition to the type of wood, the weight, diameter, length and material of the tips of drumsticks are of great importance. Plus, the pros talk about balance as well as grip comfort.

Step 2

Give preference to sticks made of wood that do not have a contrasting structure, otherwise such sticks can break literally at any time of the game. In addition, the sound emitted by the drums depends on the material of the sticks, or rather the tips. So wooden tips allow you to extract natural sound, but synthetic ones - nylon, produce a booming and more saturated sound and last an order of magnitude longer.

Step 3

Choose sticks not only based on the material, but also so that they fit perfectly in your hands. If you hold them comfortably, then the quality of the sound extracted from the drums will increase. Feel free to compare multiple drumstick sets.

Step 4

Also, one of the important factors in choosing drum sticks is your playing style, repertoire. Sticks for rock, jazz and classical should be chosen especially carefully.

Step 5

While evaluating the selected sticks, tap them against each other and listen. If you suspect that the sticks are not as dense as you would like or even have a cavity inside, do not try to buy them.

Step 6

Once again, it is worth repeating that the sticks should be perfectly straight and even, because the slightest curvature of the shape of the sticks will not affect your game in the best way. Roll each of them on a flat surface and you will immediately see how straight they are.

Step 7

Having gained experience, having understood the intricacies of choosing high-quality drumsticks, you will do it automatically. Perhaps you decide to pick up several kits at once for different styles of play. After all, you should not get hung up on one thing.