How To Choose The Right Cage For Fishing

How To Choose The Right Cage For Fishing
How To Choose The Right Cage For Fishing

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We can say that traditional metal cages, which have been popular with fishermen for several decades, are gradually moving aside, giving way to more practical mesh cages.

Fish in the cage
Fish in the cage

Why a mesh cage is better

Compared to metal, the mesh cage has a number of very serious advantages that have resonated in the hearts of many fishermen. The first advantage is the low price, the second is the variety of shapes and sizes and, finally, the third is the ability to keep the fish alive for much longer. In a metal cage, the fish is always wounded against hard, wire walls, while in a cage made of mesh, it is always comfortable and safe.

Another advantage of the net cage is its convenience and versatility. Such a cage can be easily placed both when fishing from a high cliff and in shallow water. It is convenient to fish with him from a boat, simply by lowering the fish to the bottom.

Which cage to choose

The choice of a cage depends on the fishing conditions and, of course, on the financial capabilities of the fisherman. For starters, you can purchase a 4 meter cage, as this size is ideal for all fishing conditions and for any fish. There are shorter cages on sale, but it hardly makes sense to buy such, since when fishing from a high cliff, it is inconvenient to use them.

Unfortunately, mesh cages also have their drawbacks. These are the places in the cage where the net wraps around the plastic rings. This is a real problem, because the net can wear off so quickly, for example, on a rocky bottom, that the whole catch will have nothing to do but make a daring escape through the hole formed.

However, the problem can be solved and treated by pulling a PVC hose cut along the rings. For better fastening, the hose should be grabbed with plastic clamps.

Another of the main criteria for choosing the optimal cage for fishing depends on the presence of a strong fishy smell. It is perfectly acceptable to store a cage that smells of fish in the garage or in the country house, but it is highly discouraged to do this in a city apartment, since your beloved wife will probably not be delighted with such a prospect.

What should you do in such a situation? It's very simple - take the cage with you during your next visit to the car wash. The products used for car washing easily eliminate any unpleasant odors, including fish odors.

It is important to know that when going, for example, on carp fishing, it is advisable to take with you a cage with only very small cells. If the cells in the cage are sized to allow the carp to fit the serrated ray of their fin into them, the fish will most likely cut the net and escape.

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