Which Air Gun To Choose

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Which Air Gun To Choose
Which Air Gun To Choose

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Pneumatic weapons, a pistol in particular, are perfect as a gift for any man or for a professional shooting sportsman. However, in order not to be mistaken in choosing a pneumatic pistol when buying, it is necessary, in addition to the rules for safe handling, to study in advance some of the characteristics of this type of weapon.

Which air gun to choose
Which air gun to choose

Types of air guns

There are mainly 3 types of pistols on the air gun market, each of which has its own advantages and disadvantages: a pistol using compressed carbon dioxide cylinders, a spring-piston piston and a multi-compressor type pistol.

A CO2 gun is fairly easy to distinguish by its gas cylinder. Shooting characteristics of this type of pistol entirely depend on the pressure that is maintained in the cylinder. Copper balls with a diameter of 4, 4 to 4, 42 mm are used as cartridges in this pistol. In addition, the current temperature also affects the rate of fire. Based on this, we can conclude that such a pistol is not very effective in the cold. The main advantage of this type of pistol is its compact size. Also, gas pistols, as a rule, are made according to the design of real-life military weapons.

In spring-piston pistols, the energy for ejection of a bullet from the muzzle is created by the expansion of the spring. A gas cylinder is not needed for this type of pneumatic weapon. In addition, such a pistol can use a variety of bullets. The main disadvantage of the spring-piston design is that pistols with it have a low rate of fire.

Multi-compressor type pneumatic pistols combine the features of the previously described pistols in their design. This type of pneumatic weapon has both a spring and a carbon dioxide cylinder. The big advantage of such a weapon is its multi-charge, but there is also a big drawback, which is the need to pump air pressure before firing for the spring mechanism to work.

When choosing a pneumatic gun, you should not be guided only by knowledge of their type. There are several other important characteristics, one of which is the weight of the weapon.

Air gun weight

According to the established standards, the mass of a sports pneumatic pistol should not exceed 1.5 kg. But lately there has been a tendency towards a maximum reduction in the mass of pistols. However, when buying, you need to take into account the fact that a high-quality air pistol must weigh at least 1 kg, which is quite important in the aiming process. Also, do not forget that even a light pistol model that satisfies the buyer in all parameters, except for weight, can be equipped with special weights.

Pistol grip

An important characteristic is the air pistol grip. In this case, everything depends solely on the personal feelings of the future owner of the weapon. When choosing, it is worth considering the convenience of finding the pistol in the palm of your hand, the surface of the handle should not be slippery or excessively rough. When choosing a pistol, you should give preference to models equipped with a wooden handle.


The latest models of pneumatic pistols allow the shooter to independently set the front sight and rear sight. The dimensions of the aiming equipment must also be adjusted. When choosing, give preference to those pistols in which the sight is located close to the axis of the barrel bore, while the slot of the sight should be next to the handle. As for the color of the sighting equipment, it is better to choose a pistol with a black whole and a front sight. This way your eyes are less prone to fatigue.

Trigger mechanism

When choosing a pneumatic weapon, it is necessary to check the trigger. The more easily the trigger will give in to the pressure, the less accurate the shot will be. According to the standard, the ideal trigger force should be at least 0.5 kg. However, it is recommended to set a much higher trigger force to avoid accidental triggering and excessive weapon sensitivity. To adjust the force in the guns, special screws are provided.

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