How To Tension The Chain

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How To Tension The Chain
How To Tension The Chain

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The motorcycle chain is one of the essential elements of this vehicle, without which it cannot function. To ensure a fast ride and the safety of you and those around you, you need to properly tension the chain with knowledge of all the rules and techniques of tension. Most often, people go to the service to tension the chain on the bike, but if you have the skill to work with the technique, you can try to tension the chain yourself, following our instructions.

How to tension the chain
How to tension the chain


Step 1

To adjust the chain, be sure to load it - someone else must be seated on the motorcycle while adjusting. To check the chain tension, turn the wheel to tension the chain as much as possible.

Step 2

Then, having previously installed the motorcycle with a seated person on the stand, check the central deflection of the chain - the distance between the upper and lower sections of the chain should be 2-3 cm.

Step 3

To tighten the chain when this distance is exceeded, lift the chain from below with your finger, then lower it slightly.

Step 4

Unscrew the nut that fixes the wheel axle, and in the axle swingarm, start unscrewing the first nuts (locking) from the rear side by half a centimeter, and then tighten the power nuts clockwise. Adjust the chain tension with your finger until its free play is 20-25 mm.

Step 5

Then check whether the ends of the axle of the wheel are equidistant from the ends of the pendulum - be guided by the notches made on the axle in advance.

Step 6

When the distances are equal, tighten the locknuts and tighten the wheel axle fixing nut.

Step 7

Then adjust the rear brake, as the brake rod is too tight when adjusting and tightening the chain, and roll the motorcycle back and forth to check if the rear wheel is spinning correctly.

These steps are enough to adjust the chain and make your bike faster, safer and more functional.

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