How To Arrange A Baby Album

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How To Arrange A Baby Album
How To Arrange A Baby Album

Video: How To Arrange A Baby Album

Video: How To Arrange A Baby Album

When a child appears in a family, life changes beyond recognition. The first smile, the first laugh and the first word - I want to keep all these moments in my memory. So that the most pleasant moments and achievements of your child are not forgotten, arrange the baby's album.

How to arrange a baby album
How to arrange a baby album


Step 1

Buy a photo album from the store. Better if it is a neutral color album with blank pages. This will allow you to arrange it in full accordance with your taste, nothing will limit your actions. Start with the cover. It can be decorated with magazine clippings, embroidery, or simply painted. Another option is to cover the cover with fabric. For this, a diaper is very suitable, in which your baby was wrapped when he was discharged from the hospital.

Step 2

The birth of a child is preceded by a wonderful time in the life of a young couple - pregnancy and anxious anticipation of the birth of a new member of their family. Dedicate the first pages of the album to this time. Paste in pictures of a pregnant mother, the first pictures of the baby on an ultrasound scan. Take the time to write down your impressions of this time, while the memories are still fresh. Describe how you felt, how you interacted with your child, how dad stroked his tummy and put his hand on it when the baby moved.

Step 3

Paste the very first photo of your baby into the album. Let it be a picture taken with a mobile phone in a maternity hospital. But this is the first photograph of a new person, and it has the right to take its place of honor. On this page, tell us about your emotions that you experienced when you saw the child for the first time. Indicate the date, time of birth, weight and height of the newborn. Then describe how you chose the name, what it means.

Step 4

Discharge from the hospital is one of the most touching and important moments. Mark it in the baby's album. Tell us about this day - how happy the relatives were, what flowers did dad give mom when they met. Take a close-up photo of the baby, paste it into an album, and next to it are baby photos of the parents. You can write your assumptions, in what traits the baby looks like mom, and in what traits like dad.

Step 5

There is a very popular technique among young mothers filling out their baby's album. Take a picture of your child next to a large toy. And take these photos regularly. As the child grows, it will be possible to observe how he first catches up with the toy in size, and then outgrows. Such a series of photos will look pretty funny.

Step 6

The main thing in maintaining such an album is the regularity of its filling. Try not to throw it, take notes constantly. Glue locks of hair into it, decorate the album with prints of your child's arms and legs. Dilute the photos with your memories, favorite poems and fairy tales that you read to your baby. In the future, you will open such an album more than once and flip through it with pleasure, remembering all the pleasant moments of the first days of your child's life.