How To Arrange A Photo Album For An Anniversary

How To Arrange A Photo Album For An Anniversary
How To Arrange A Photo Album For An Anniversary

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Each of us has close people whom we would like to congratulate on their birthday, and even more so on the anniversary, especially warmly, touching and at the same time original. Try to make a memorable gift for the hero of the day, which will tell a story about him, display the most beautiful moments of his life in the form of photographs, memorable trifles, drawings. And a scrapbooking photo album will help you to do this.

How to arrange a photo album for an anniversary
How to arrange a photo album for an anniversary


Step 1

Check out scrapbooking techniques and examples of design work in advance on specialized sites such as o

Step 2

Get an album with thick sheets where you will paste photos and decorative items. You can make an album yourself from thick cardboard. Albums and album blanks are sold at many online stationery stores. Make a list of requirements (style, color, design, size) before purchasing. As a rule, albums of 30x30 cm or A4 format are purchased for scrapbooking. Albums differ in appearance: on screws, on rings, a book, on a spiral, on paper clips. 30-35 protectors or files for storing pages are attached inside. Each protector contains two dense base pages.

Step 3

Decorate the title page of the album beautifully. The main thing is to show your imagination! The title page should reflect the idea of ​​the photo album, match the colors with the rest of the pages, not be overloaded and look beautiful.

Step 4

Each next sheet or several sheets of an album can cover a certain stage in life: childhood, adolescence, wedding, birth of a child. If the hero of the day is a front-line soldier or a combatant, be sure to use photos of those years. Attach a photo or several photos in the form of a collage. Decorate with decorative paper, ribbon ornaments, dried flowers, beads. Add small items to help recreate memories, such as a seashell brought back from vacation, a newspaper clipping, a drawing of a child. If the person you are creating the gift for is studying. with needlework, for example, embroidery, knitting, beading, it would be appropriate to add a piece of his hobby to the design of the album.

Step 5

Add captions to photos, do not skimp on the names of the people depicted on them and the dates. Use headings for album pages. The text can be beautifully designed using a graphic editor on a computer and printed on a color printer, you can write by hand or buy silicone transparent stamps with decorative fonts. Create a separate guest page for reviews and signatures of family and friends who will view the photo archive of the hero of the day. Be sure - your gift will not go unnoticed, you will want to watch it again and again!

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