How To Arrange A Newspaper For An Anniversary

How To Arrange A Newspaper For An Anniversary
How To Arrange A Newspaper For An Anniversary

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The wall newspaper, a legacy of Soviet times, is gaining popularity again. Nowadays it is possible to arrange a congratulatory newspaper using modern technical means. There is a computer on hand, and a color printer is fairly easy to find. And it's not worth talking about the capabilities of various graphics programs. There can be a great variety of design options for wall newspapers dedicated to holidays and anniversaries.

How to arrange a newspaper for an anniversary
How to arrange a newspaper for an anniversary

It is necessary

  • Whatman sheet,
  • colored gouache,
  • photos


Step 1

Option one. You will need a sheet of Whatman paper and colored gouache.

First, come up with a drawing that will be depicted on the congratulatory newspaper. For example, roses or bears, this is an option for a birthday woman. For a man, a nautical theme is suitable: sea, ships, sails, etc. Using gouache, draw a frame that will frame the congratulation. In the center, write the congratulation itself. For example, "Happy Birthday!" You can write a small poem. If there is free space, draw another drawing.

Step 2

Option two. For a photo wall newspaper, you will need several photographs, which capture the hero of the day and people dear to him, and colored gouache.

First of all, think about the time period from which the design of the congratulatory newspaper will begin. For example, from the birth of the hero of the day or from his eighteenth birthday, from the moment of marriage or graduation from an educational institution, etc. All photos can be signed with both humorous phrases and sentences of serious content. Small verses are also suitable as signatures. Decorate your images with a frame. In the center, place an up-to-date photo of the hero of the day or write the main number of the anniversary, for example, "50". Choose a larger font so that it attracts attention and can be seen from afar. The wall newspaper can be decorated with quotes and sayings of famous people and philosophers that fit the meaning. Drawings of children or grandchildren of the hero of the day, prints of their pens, their children's photographs, which, as it were, will tie several generations of people together, would be appropriate.

Step 3

Option three. You will need a computer and any graphics editor.

Draw in a graphic editor the basis of the newspaper - a general frame of the entire sheet, drawings, photo frames. Then all this needs to be printed on a monochrome printer and manually colored. After that, you can write congratulatory words in the space provided for this and paste in suitable photos.

However, this method of creating a wall newspaper will not please every hero of the day; many prefer a lively design, made by hand, to any modern technology.

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