How To Plant Primrose

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How To Plant Primrose
How To Plant Primrose

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Primrose is an unusually beautiful flower that is absolutely unpretentious to grow. There are a huge number of varieties and types of primroses, they differ in color and size of flowers growing in a spreading carpet or separate rosettes. Every amateur gardener will find a suitable variety for himself, the flowers of which will decorate the site with dazzling beauty and grace.

How to plant primrose
How to plant primrose


Step 1

In early spring, around the beginning of March, you should plant primrose seeds for seedlings. Prepare pots with loose and fertile soil, moisten it, make small indentations and plant two or three seeds in each container. Cover the pots with cellophane to maintain a comfortable microclimate for seed germination.

Step 2

The first shoots can be seen two to three weeks after planting. During this time, the soil should be moist, so do not forget to regularly but carefully water the soil along the edge of the pot so that the water does not touch the sprouts. Many gardeners use this method of planting: before sowing, keep the seeds in the refrigerator - so the seedlings will appear strong and "friendly".

Step 3

Find a suitable area with good lighting for planting your primrose. Loosen the soil and make it more permeable to air and water, add some coarse river sand, humus, non-acidic peat and compost. Apply organic fertilizer in April.

Step 4

After the threat of frost has passed, plant the seedlings in open ground (in early June). Transplant very carefully, try not to damage the roots of the plants, as the primrose is sensitive and very susceptible to such actions.

Step 5

Primrose care is simple, it consists in weeding from aggressive neighbors in the form of weeds. Many types of primrose need periodic watering to maintain their beauty and color. Slightly limp leaves will indicate the need for moisture. During the period of active growth, feed the flowers with nitrogen fertilizers, by the end of summer - with potassium and phosphorus fertilizers (they will help the primrose to winter well).

Step 6

After flowering, active root growth begins. On the eve of winter, sprinkle compost, peat and humus on the bushes (a layer of 4-5 centimeters). Otherwise, exposed rhizomes are in danger of freezing out in winter. All types of primrose reproduce vegetatively - by dividing the bush and generatively - with the help of seeds. Divide the bushes once every three to four years, during which time they will grow enough.

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