Elderberry: Legends And Magical Properties Of The Plant

Elderberry: Legends And Magical Properties Of The Plant
Elderberry: Legends And Magical Properties Of The Plant

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Elderberry is a branched shrub that can be called a tree. It does not grow taller than ten meters. In nature, there are about 40 different types of plants, which have long been revered by both magicians, witches, and healers, healers. Black and red elderberry is surrounded by legends, it is credited with a lot of magical and healing properties.


The elder plant was revered by the Slavs, Europeans, Scandinavians in the distant past. It even received the informal name "witch tree" because of the superstitions associated with it, and thanks to its many magical properties. The elder was also called “the eye of the devil”, “the tree of fate” and “the tree of death”.

Elderberry: superstitions and legends

In the northern countries, there was a belief that a magical creature - “elder mother” - lived in an elderberry bush. It protects the plant, and also gives it magical powers. If someone broke the branches of a tree for fun, the "elder mother" would get angry. She could send illness to the offender, deprive him of his luck and financial wealth.

The plant has a peculiarity: if you cut it down or break an elderberry branch, the bush will begin to “bleed”. Based on this, a legend was born, as if nymphs, spirits, or even witches themselves live in the tree. Having cut down a bush, a person killed the essence that lived inside him, and therefore “blood” appeared. In order not to harm the creatures, a special spell should be read, and then wait a few minutes, allowing the witches or nymphs to leave the tree.

The ancient Slavs associated the red and black elderberry with evil spirits. Our ancestors believed that devils and evil nature spirits live under the roots of the plant. For this reason, it was impossible for a healthy person to go to bed under the spreading branches of a bush. Otherwise, in a dream, evil spirits could take the soul, thereby killing, or simply deprive him of vitality, exhausting him. Hence the legend that the elder tree is the tree of death.

In Slovenia and Slovakia, the legend of elderberry as a medicinal tree is widespread. In the ground under the bush, it is necessary to bury the hair of a sick person or water the plants with water in which the patient had previously bathed. If the ceremony is performed correctly, then in a week the person will recover.

The ancient Scandinavians believed that Freya lives in the branches of a tree - the goddess of love, fertility, which is very easy to anger, thereby bringing on herself troubles and hardships.

In many European countries, legends were popular, which said that witches made bases for brooms from wood. It was believed that every self-respecting witch should have an elderberry twig in the house. Magicians and sorcerers often chose this plant in order to make a magic wand or a magic staff-amulet.

Elderberry flowers
Elderberry flowers

The magical properties of black and red elderberry

Elderberry protects from evil spirits and external magical influences, therefore it is recommended to make home amulets from it. It's great if a lush elderberry bush grows near the house. He will act as a powerful protection for the whole family.

The tree is suitable for carving runes that have a special energy.

It is believed that elderberry helps to go out into the astral plane, helps to dream prophetic or lucid dreams. To do this, you need to put a bag under the pillow, which will contain 12 dry berries.

Plant amulets "awaken" psychic abilities, especially clairvoyance and clairaudience. Elderberry is often chosen for magical practices by seers and soothsayers. In addition, the tree gives a supply of vital energy and strength, thereby prolonging life.

The plant is able to cleanse the house of negative energy and evil entities. However, it cannot be used to fumigate rooms. Elderberry should not be burned, otherwise death can be attracted. It is better to spread bunches of twigs in the corners of the rooms and leave them for a week.And then take it out and bury it in the ground, but away from home, or throw it into river water.

What else is the elderberry plant capable of:

  • protects against diseases and accidents;
  • attracts wealth and prosperity;
  • protects the family, helps to build harmonious relationships between spouses, protects against betrayal and betrayal;
  • relieves of sorrows and misfortunes in life;
  • elderberry talismans make their owner decisive, strong, courageous and purposeful.

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