Celtic Animal Horoscope: Butterfly

Celtic Animal Horoscope: Butterfly
Celtic Animal Horoscope: Butterfly

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A bright and cheerful butterfly is a totem animal for people who were born in the period from September 30 to October 27. Among the ancient Celts, the butterfly symbolized the soul. A person under the auspices of this insect gives the impression of a light, mobile and changeable personality.

Celtic horoscope
Celtic horoscope

The ancient Celts associated butterflies with resurrection, the acquisition of new life, with transformation. A butterfly is an insect that, as the Celts believed, brings a sense of celebration, joy, happiness and positiveness to a person's life. In the past, it was forbidden to kill butterflies, otherwise it would be possible to bring serious trouble to yourself, your home and loved ones.

A person under the auspices of a butterfly is fickle, a little absent-minded. He very quickly switches from one task to another, he feels great in multitasking conditions.

The butterfly man is lively and sociable. He quickly flares up, being carried away by a new hobby, an interesting job for him, or being fascinated by a new acquaintance. However, the inconstancy of the butterfly leads to the fact that such a person burns out quickly enough. Having lost interest, the butterfly man seeks to free himself from any responsibilities and bonds, he rushes forward, wanting to explore new horizons. To be in high spirits all the time, to feel great and experience a surge of vital energy, a butterfly man needs vivid impressions, new acquaintances.

People who, according to the Celtic ancient horoscope, are butterflies, can hardly endure loneliness. They are extroverted, they constantly want to share with the surrounding thoughts, feelings, successes, experiences, achievements and ideas. If a butterfly man is forced to spend days alone with himself, he quickly "fades" and risks falling into a state of lingering apathy. At such moments, the butterfly man becomes lethargic, boring, slow. He loses interest in life, stops taking care of himself and does not believe that soon new bright people will meet on his way.

From day to day, a person whose totem animal is a butterfly insect spends a lot of energy, wanting to visit a dozen places at once and have time to do everything that was previously conceived. But at the same time, it rarely burns out. The butterfly man quickly recovers his reserve of strength, especially if there is an opportunity to chat with friends or engage in creativity.

The butterfly man knows how to cheer up, he often becomes the soul of the company. Around such a person, people always gather with whom the butterfly man willingly shares inspiration, warmth and light. He is able to support almost any conversation, is erudite enough, well-read and talkative. Due to the fact that the butterfly man is light and playful, after communicating with him there is no feeling of fatigue or fatigue. On the contrary, there is a surge of inspiration and strength, there is a desire to act and achieve the set goals. People who have a butterfly animal according to the Celtic horoscope rarely feed on someone else's energy, but at the same time willingly share their own with loved ones.

There are a lot of dreamers, dreamers, inventors among butterfly people. Such personalities like to speculate about something high, they are interested in philosophy. In addition, the butterfly man knows how to convince others that any dark and difficult times do not last forever. Butterflies bring joy, positive and literally force to find pluses where at first only one minuses are seen.

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