How To Make A Rowan Wreath On Your Head

How To Make A Rowan Wreath On Your Head
How To Make A Rowan Wreath On Your Head

Rowan wreath is a wonderful accessory for an unusual photo shoot. Thanks to such a product, you can replenish your family archive with vivid photographs, viewing which in days of depression can quickly cheer you up.

How to make a rowan wreath on your head with your own hands
How to make a rowan wreath on your head with your own hands

It is necessary

  • - rowan branches with bunches of berries;
  • - rowan branches with leaves (they can be replaced with maple ones);
  • - wire;
  • - Red thread;
  • - gray thread;
  • - a needle.


Step 1

Select rowanberry twigs with intact berries and leaves. If some berries are dry or darkened, then just remove them. At the beginning of autumn, collecting rowan branches with intact leaves is a simple task, but starting from the middle of the season it is very difficult to find such specimens, but you should not be upset, because you can replace rowan branches with maple leaves. They will perfectly complement the wreath.

Step 2

Make a circle out of the wire, the diameter of which is slightly larger than your head circumference (for this stage, it is best to use a well-bendable wire of medium thickness). Then wrap the resulting circle three times in a spiral with the same wire (this is required in order to make it easier to fasten the wreath elements in the future). Secure the edges of the workpiece.

Step 3

Take a rowan brush, place it on top of one of the sides of the metal circle with the berries outward and secure with gray thread. In order for the brush to hold well, you need to make at least 10 turns with the thread around the twig and wire, then tie the structure properly.

Step 4

Take a fluffy branch of rowan with leaves or three to five maple leaves, attach to the metal circle as close as possible to the newly fixed branch of rowan with berries. Attach these elements to the workpiece in the same way.

Step 5

Thus, continue to weave the wreath until you completely cover the visible parts of the metal circle.

Step 6

Thread the red thread into the needle, select the beautiful large rowan berries, string them on the needle and thread. Make the rowan beads five to seven centimeters longer than the circumference of the finished wreath.

Step 7

Wrap the wreath with the made beads in a spiral. Try to make no more than five turns over the entire length of the wreath. Secure the ends of the beads by tying them to the metal base. The wreath is ready.

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