How To Draw For Kids

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How To Draw For Kids
How To Draw For Kids

Video: How To Draw For Kids

Video: How To Draw For Kids
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Sometimes children ask adults to draw something for them. Toddlers love to admire animals, funny cartoon characters that are watching from the canvas. A fragment from a fairy tale will also arouse children's interest.

How to draw for kids
How to draw for kids

When a person draws, he expresses his feelings, emotions. Not always the baby will be able to portray what he wants the first time. Then the child asks the adult to draw something.

Summer fairy tale

Place the baby next to him, let him watch how you create a fabulous picture for him. Divide the canvas mentally into several zones. On the front, closer to the bottom edge, draw the grass. Your little helper can do this too. Give him a light green pencil to guide up and down. Let the grass be 3-4 cm high.

Take a dark green pencil and draw some stems. Red, yellow, blue paint will help depict flowers blooming on them. It remains to make a few small red circles in the grass, which will be strawberries, and the foreground is ready.

Now you should draw for the child a fabulous hut on chicken legs. It consists of 5-6 logs arranged horizontally. This is the front of the structure. Only she is visible. From the lower log, 2 chicken legs go down, and at the top of the structure there is a roof made of yellow straw.

Draw an animal to the side of the house. It is very easy to draw a hare. Sketch in a figure eight horizontally. A bunny's mustache extends from it in both directions. In the middle of the figure-eight, draw his small nose, it is semicircular and looks up. A larger semicircle goes up from the right and left half of the figure eight - this is the head of a mischievous person. His eyes shine in its center.

At the top of the head are 2 long oval ears. Down from the figure eight there is a large elongated semicircle - the body of the oblique. Even lower are the legs (legs). From one and the other shoulder parts, his paws and arms depart.

The fauna in the landscape can be richer. Let the sky become the third zone of the drawing for the child. Use a black or brown pencil to make a "tick" - this is a bird hovering in the clouds. The kid can learn to draw the sun. Show him how to draw a circle, paint it yellow and use the same pencil to depict rays diverging in all directions.

Create a story about the painting with your child. This not only develops his creativity, but also thinking, imagination.

Winter beauty

You can draw a winter landscape - instead of grass - snowdrifts. Make a few wavy movements on the white sheet with a blue or black pencil - these are islands of fluffy snow.

Let Santa Claus walk on one side, and a boy on the other - it's New Year. You can draw your son in this image, looking at him or at his portrait.

Draw a snowman made up of three circles of different diameters. A child can repeat such a simple drawing.

Try to portray something new every time, then the child will simply be delighted. You know what the kid loves cartoons, try to portray a familiar character with him.