Trolling For Pike

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Trolling For Pike
Trolling For Pike

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For pike fishing, fishermen use a variety of methods that allow you to drive a spoon from a moving boat. Among them, trolling is considered the most demanded and popular.

Trolling for pike
Trolling for pike

Fishing places

In order for trolling to meet your expectations, you need to use it on large bodies of water. Actually, where the pike gathers in flocks, there are real chances to catch a large individual.

Scandinavian fishermen are especially successful in trolling pike. A lot of fish are found in the freshwater areas of the Baltic Sea. On the territory of Russia, Ladoga and Onega lakes, Rybinskoye and Gorkovskoye reservoirs, as well as a huge number of reservoirs in Karelia are considered the preferred places.

When choosing a place for trolling, find a body of water with a depth of at least 2-2.5 meters. It is important that the bottom is clean.

Selecting a boat motor

A very important point on which the result of fishing depends is the correct choice of a boat motor. To ensure quiet running, you need to use low-noise motors. Today, experienced fishermen prefer Japanese and American producers. For trolling fishing, electric and gasoline engines powered by an appropriate battery are better suited. The choice of motor is based on the type and size of your boat.


For successful fishing you need a fish finder and a navigator. The echo sounder will allow you to detect irregularities in the bottom and in a timely manner to avoid tangling and jamming of gear. No less necessary is a navigator, which determines the exact coordinates of the boat on the map. With it, you can fix your location, as well as plot a route to the starting point.

Some modern boats are equipped with a rod holder. If you do not have such a device, you should purchase one. There are two types of holders: sockets and claws. Which one to choose depends on the preferences, skill and experience of a particular fisherman.


Trolling is a unique way of fishing, so you need special tackle. Choosing the right rod is an important part of effective fishing. Its length should be approximately 1.8-2.7 meters. Braided line with a cross-section diameter of 0.18 to 0.25 mm is commonly used.

Effective trolling for pike is impossible without outriggers and downriggers. An outrigger is a device that allows you to instantly respond to a bite and control fish self-catching. In addition, it reduces the stress on the spinning rod. Downrigger is a special device that allows the bait to sink and guide.

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