The Best Russian Films About The New Year

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The Best Russian Films About The New Year
The Best Russian Films About The New Year

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Every year, domestic and foreign cinematographs delight us with new films about New Year and Christmas. But during the New Year holidays, sometimes you want to review already familiar and beloved films.

The best Russian films about the New Year
The best Russian films about the New Year

Films about the New Year from the 60s to the 2000s

Carnival Night. This film immediately after being released on the screen gained immense popularity among viewers, it was literally tore into quotes. It was thanks to “Carnival Night” that Lyudmila Gurchenko and Eldar Ryazanov, then unknown to anyone, acquired universal audience love. According to the plot, a team of young workers of the House of Culture is preparing for the annual festive event - the New Year's carnival. The guys are planning to spend a merry and unforgettable holiday, but, to their deep regret, the new director of the Ogurtsov club, a bureaucrat, bureaucrat, and literary expert, takes control of the preparation of the event. To save the New Year's program, the club's employees decide to bypass their negligent boss with a trick.

Evenings on a Farm Near Dikanka. The painting "Evenings on a Farm near Dikanka" was filmed based on the work of N.V. Gogol's "The Night Before Christmas". The film is set in the Ukrainian village of Dikanka, where the gallant blacksmith Vakula, his mother Solokha, the wealthy Cossack Chub with his daughter Oksana, with whom Vakula is hopelessly in love, live. The blacksmith proposes to Oksana, but she refuses to marry him until he gets her slippers like the queen. The devil helps Vakula to get the treasured shoes in exchange for the soul of the young man.

Gentlemen of Fortune. This is one of the most popular Soviet films, where the main character is an ordinary kindergarten teacher, who is entrusted by the police with a responsible task - to play the role of a dangerous repeat offender Associate Professor and find a valuable artifact. The main character not only finds himself at the head of a criminal gang, but also tries to re-educate its members.

Irony of Fate or Enjoy Your Bath. This stunning Soviet film has already become a real symbol of the upcoming New Year in all countries of the post-Soviet space. According to the established tradition, Muscovite Zhenya Lukashin goes with friends to the bathhouse and, ironically, finds himself in another city - Leningrad. Under the influence of alcoholic intoxication, Zhenya does not notice the difference, he takes a taxi and tells the driver his Moscow address. It turns out that in Leningrad there is exactly the same street with exactly the same typical house.

New Year's adventures of Masha and Viti. This is a children's New Year's tale about how a brother and sister help rescue the Snow Maiden from the captivity of Koshchei the Immortal. To prevent children, Koschey sends them to meet evil spirits in the person of Baba Yaga, Leshy and the cat Matthew.

Wizards. This is another New Year's fairy tale, based on the famous story of the Strugatsky brothers "Monday starts on Saturday." The film is about the Institute "NUINU", where wizards work. They are developing a magic wand that can work miracles. True, the main idea of ​​the film is not based on magic, but on love, which is not subject to any charm.

Poor Sasha. The main character of the film is a girl named Sasha. She misses her mother so much that she persuades an unlucky thief to rob the bank where her mother works. The action of the picture takes place on New Year's Eve.

Kazan orphan. A young rural teacher Nastya, who grew up without a father, after the death of her mother decides to publish in the newspaper her unsent letter addressed to a certain Pavel. Not one, but three fathers are responding to this letter.

2000s New Year movies

I am looking for a bride without a dowry. The film is set in a small provincial town where two single friends live: Elvira, who works as the director of a marriage agency, and Vera, a kindergarten teacher.On New Year's Eve, Elvira places an ad with the aim of meeting a worthy man. A successful and handsome businessman from Moscow responds to her ad. Elvira sends him her photo, but the envelope mistakenly includes a photo of her friend Vera, who just liked the young Muscovite.

Fourth desire. The main heroine of the film, a rising star of television, by chance coincidence finds herself in the hut of Santa Claus. The girl does not believe in miracles, but the fourth desire will correct everything.

The angel flew by. This is a story about a young girl Polina with an unusual gift. The locals consider her a witch. Once a beautiful metropolitan surgeon comes to the city and falls in love with Polina.

New Year is canceled. On New Year's Eve, young girls named Katya and Zhenya get a job in a supermarket. At the end of the working day, they go to the accounting department to receive the money they earned, but soon they realize that the store is closed, and they have been forgotten about.

Love me. A talented artist-designer named Alexander is on the verge of dismissal, as he does not have a relationship with the new boss, Kira. To understand what she wants, Alexander dresses up as a girl and gets a job with Kira as a housekeeper.

Latest New Year Movies

The Irony of Fate. Continuation. More than 30 years have passed since Zhenya met his love. Time, unfortunately, did not spare their relationship and they parted. Zhenya continues to go to the bathhouse with friends every year, but now their company has been joined by Zhenya Lukashin's son from a new marriage (also unsuccessful) - Kostya. The events of the film unfold at the already familiar address (3rd Stroiteley Street, building 25, apartment 12), where a young girl lives - the daughter of that same Nadia.

New Year's tariff. After the chimes, Andrei dials a random number on the phone to wish a stranger a Happy New Year. On the other end of the line, a girl named Alena answers him. They decide to meet, but they do not yet suspect that Alena is in 2008, and Andrei is in 2009. In order for their meeting to take place, they will have to deceive fate itself.

Operation Righteous. According to the plot, in one of the subdivisions of hell, there are not enough sinners, tyrants and gluttons are in abundance, but the victims of passions are in short supply. To rectify the situation, a beautiful representative of the forces of evil goes in search of the righteous, she has to conclude a contract with a man who does not give in to temptations. The film takes place on New Year's Eve.

Christmas trees (1, 2 and 3 parts). The first and second parts of the film are stories about different residents of eleven Russian cities, each of which finds itself in a difficult situation on New Year's Eve. In the third part we are talking about the "boomerang of good", which is launched by the little girl Nastya.

My boyfriend is an angel. A young girl Alexandra meets an ideal guy with an angelic character named Seraphim. The fact is that the young man is a real angel, but Alexandra does not believe him. Seraphim is trying to prove to her that angels really exist, but he does not take into account one thing - if the girl believes, then she will definitely fall in love. But how can you love an angel?

Friends of friends. This is a New Year's comedy about a promoter, three musicians and a poor student who find themselves in ridiculous, piquant, and sometimes very funny situations, out of which only friends will help them.

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