How To Draw A Bonfire

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How To Draw A Bonfire
How To Draw A Bonfire

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A bright flame licking hot tongues of merrily crackling black coals. Such a cozy bonfire is associated with the romance of long hikes and songs with a guitar in a close circle. Going on the way back, I really want to take a piece of this friendly fire with me in order to preserve the warmest memories of a starry night near the fire. And here is another bonfire - a large fiery-red flower with sizzling petals, glowing on the dark velvet of the night saturated with the aromas of the tropics. It is lit to the rhythmic beats of tom-toms and the exclamations of African leaders.

How to draw a bonfire
How to draw a bonfire

It is necessary

  • - drawing paper;
  • - watercolors and gouache / tempera;
  • - flat brushes (wide and narrow), round brushes (medium and thin);
  • - a toothbrush or bristle brush.


Step 1

Before you start drawing a night fire, prepare the basis for the drawing - paper with a dark background. It is best to cover the white paper with a transparent layer of black watercolor, leaving unpainted the area on the sheet where you plan to paint the fire. Sketch its shape - a tall triangle with convex sides. It can have several pointed peaks. Lighten the background a little as you get closer to the campfire area. You can add blue or purple spots to the black background to make it more interesting and complex in color.

Step 2

Start drawing the flame of the fire from its outer outline. Take a red gouache and with free strokes in the form of small narrow tongues fill in about a third of the area of ​​the leaf left unpainted on the border of the night background and the flame of the fire. Gouache, as a denser paint, will well cover the border of a dark watercolor background and white paper.

Step 3

With the same strokes imitating tongues of flame, but with orange gouache, continue to fill the area of ​​the fire, moving towards the center. At the same time, overlay some of the strokes on top of the red paint to achieve a smooth transition from red to orange. Do not paint over the center of the fire.

Step 4

Fill the middle of the flame with strokes of yellow paint. Here, as in the previous step, you need to achieve a smooth transition from orange to yellow. In the very center of the fire, you can make a few strokes with whitewash to make the flame sparkle even brighter. Look at the work from afar and appreciate the smooth transition from one color to another. If necessary, brush over the flame again, adding strokes of the desired color. On closer examination of the image, the individual flames should be clearly distinguishable.

Step 5

Convey the sparks from the fire using a spray of paint in three colors. This can be done with a toothbrush or a wide bristle brush. Spray paint slightly diluted with water. Sparks should hit both the fire flame and the dark background, rushing up in the picture. Use a thin brush to paint long red strokes of random fire splashes around the fire.

Step 6

Let the drawing dry. The flame is ready, but to make it turn into a real bonfire, paint with black gouache under the fire burning coals, twigs and embers. Use small white and red strokes to create an iridescent effect of their smoldering on fire. Also paint the surface of the ground covered with grass with black paint. Black gouache will be clearly visible on a more transparent dark watercolor background.

Step 7

Draw in gouache the black silhouettes of trees and people, if this is provided for by the plot of the drawing you have conceived. Draw areas of objects and figures located near the fire illuminated by the flame in color or outline them with light yellow highlights. In the sky, you can draw randomly scattered white and blue stars.

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