How To Photograph Architecture

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How To Photograph Architecture
How To Photograph Architecture

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Often, on a trip, you want to capture the places you have visited. And, naturally, I want to convey the same beauty that the human eye sees. Architectural photography is a separate genre in the art of photography. And as a genre it has its own secrets and special techniques.

How to photograph architecture
How to photograph architecture


Step 1

In order to get a good photograph of a building, you first need a soft light. However, contrast lighting, which is so undesirable when photographing people, can sometimes help to emphasize the features of some architectural ensembles. Find the right moment. It's best to shoot architecture on a sunny morning. The light in the morning is bright enough, but at the same time soft, which helps to reliably convey the halftones of the object. Shoot with your back to the sun. When shooting, the sky will appear dark blue, and not only walls, but also window openings will be illuminated.

Step 2

You won't get a good photo at noon. The frame will be spoiled by a lot of dark spots due to shadows from the hollows and protrusions. The light at this time is too bright, the transmission of halftones will not work. If the building is not well oriented, evening light will help you. Wait until lights start to light in the building and the sky takes on a wonderful deep blue hue. Don't be deceived by sight. At dusk, it may seem to you that it is lighter around than it really is. Therefore, it is better to start taking pictures early.

Step 3

Very often there is a problem of extra glare in the photo. To eliminate it, use a polarizing filter. Just hold the filter in front of the camera lens and turn slightly to achieve the desired result, that is, eliminate glare.

Step 4

Shoot from the most suitable distance. If the distance is too far, the shooting angle decreases and vertical lines are distorted. In some cameras, you can turn on the coordinate grid, this will help you to orient the camera correctly. But if you do not need to convey the dignity of the building, you can not restrain your imagination. Feel free to experiment with your camera angles.

Step 5

Photo processing on a computer will help to eliminate distortion of vertical lines. To do this, open the image in Photoshop. Select the entire image: "Select - All". Then go to "Processing - Transformation". Select the "Change perspective" option. If there was a strong drop in the lines, the image may be slightly flattened after processing. To correct this flaw, use the Free Transform option.

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