How To Photograph A Girl

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How To Photograph A Girl
How To Photograph A Girl

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On the eve of the shooting, not only the model is worried, but also the photographer. After all, a girl expects from you successful pictures in which she will look her best, and you would like to meet her expectations.

How to photograph a girl
How to photograph a girl


Step 1

First, you will need to come up with a plot for a photo shoot. Even if the girl just asked to take a couple of pictures that she intends to post on social networks, you should choose a setting and outfit that will be in harmony with each other and reveal the girl's character. Both the photographer and the model can reflect on this. Listen to your friend's ideas and refine them as needed.

Step 2

Girls who rarely participate in filming and have modeling experience can be embarrassed and squeezed in front of the camera. Your task is to calm and liberate the young lady. Anything can be used - jokes, compliments, a glass of champagne. But alcohol should not be carried away, otherwise the photo session will have to be postponed.

Step 3

An inexperienced model will not know how to become in order for the shot to be successful. You will have to propose poses to the girl yourself. Experiment: your ward can crouch, jump, turn around, hide behind a tree and wallow in the grass. Take some photos in classic poses: shoot a girl sitting a little from above, bringing her knees together, ask the model to put one hand on her belt, and the other to start correcting her hair. The vast majority of girls are successful in such angles.

Step 4

Try to see beauty in every model. If a girl seems charming to you, you can capture her charm with a good shot. But if the model leaves you indifferent, it is better to refuse to work together - the pictures will come out mediocre.

Step 5

Not every light is suitable for shooting. If you are photographing outdoors, try dawn or dusk. The muted color will soften the facial features. For indoor photography, it is desirable that the light source is above and to the left of the model.

Step 6

Process the captured photos. The vast majority of girls will be upset to find a pimple or bruises under their eyes in their picture.

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