How To Choose A Camera To Shoot Yourself

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How To Choose A Camera To Shoot Yourself
How To Choose A Camera To Shoot Yourself

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A camera is a necessary and useful thing. This technique is now available to almost everyone, but the main thing is not to make a mistake with the choice, because there are a lot of cameras and you need to take this issue seriously.

How to choose a camera to shoot yourself
How to choose a camera to shoot yourself


Step 1

First of all, you need to decide for what purpose you are purchasing a camera. If you need it for "household" shooting, or "shooting yourself", then it is quite enough to get a so-called "soap box". Such a camera is very convenient. It is compact, easy to carry and transport, and also meets all those parameters that are necessary for everyday shooting.

Step 2

When choosing a camera, do not focus on the number of megapixels. The main characteristic of the camera is still the lens. Of course, in professional cameras it is much larger and better, but this does not mean that you cannot find a good “soap box”. The lens is used to obtain a sharp image on the matrix. This is the most basic and expensive part in the camera. The larger its diameter, the better the picture will be. Choose a camera with a large lens.

Step 3

As for the matrix, the main thing is not the number of pixels, but the quality of the matrix. There are several types of matrix, for "soap boxes" it is "CCD matrix". If you still decide on a professional technique, then it is better to give preference to a camera with a CMOS matrix.

CMOS is an analogue of your computer's RAM, where reading can take place from anywhere, you just need to set the column number and line number.

Step 4

When choosing a camera, it is important not to forget about its zoom function. The “zoom” value is a derived parameter, defined as the difference between the maximum and minimum focal lengths. For “point-and-shoot” cameras, this is digital stretching, that is, an enlargement of an already finished picture, while in professional cameras, this stretching is optical, which gives better quality images.

Step 5

Theory is better learned in practice. The best way to find a good camera is to go to the store and take a couple of test shots. This will allow you to see the quality of the images, the brightness of the resulting images and their clarity. While using the camera, take a couple of photos at maximum magnification to see how clear the images are. Very often, at high magnification, the picture starts to "float".

Step 6

In addition to the above, pay attention to the shooting modes, auto is most often used, but modern cameras are equipped with other types of shooting, as well as portrait ones, that is, for shooting yourself.

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