How To Make A Photo Calendar For Memory

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How To Make A Photo Calendar For Memory
How To Make A Photo Calendar For Memory

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The calendar should always be at hand. And if it is decorated with a photo of your friends or loved ones, any pet, it will be just wonderful. Moreover, making a photo calendar will not be difficult even at home.

How to make a photo calendar for memory
How to make a photo calendar for memory

You will need first

For creativity, you will need a little money: at least one sheet of photographic paper, you can fit the future calendar, a computer, a printer for printing, a photograph, preferably in color, a special program. For example, one of the simplest and most accessible applications is any version of the Photo Calendar program. You can find it on any of the sites with software. Perhaps you are already using an Internet resource. If not, enter the query in the search bar of your browser (with any search engine): “download the program“PhotoCalendar”. To take full advantage of all the features and options of the program, you must have a key, which is otherwise called a medicine or a serial number (serial number). Therefore, when looking for a program, carefully study the information provided: it should contain a section "medicine", "treatment", which indicates the presence of registration data.

DIY calendar

Once you have installed the program on your computer and registered it, launch the application and select the New Calendar option from the File menu in the top toolbar. In the window that opens, specify the format of the future calendar (the default is the user option), width and height in points or millimeters, orientation (portrait or landscape), resolution and size. Then click the New Project button.

Next, in the window on the left, select the type of calendar (for the whole year or a specific month), style (vertical, horizontal, etc.), design style, calendar background, background (any picture or photo can play its role), settings, number of photos (one or collage), frames, font settings. You can also add decorations, cliparts to the finished calendar. After applying the required changes, click the "Create Calendar" button. In the process of making your own calendar, you can edit the finished photo: change the background, arrangement of photos, fonts, design, etc.

To save the finished calendar, in the drop-down window in the "File" menu, select the "Save As" option or use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + S. Then, in a new window, specify the location of the calendar you created, the file type, and then click the "Save" button. In this case, you can print the calendar as many times as you like.

In the same menu ("File"), you can immediately start printing the calendar, as well as change the settings, for which it is enough to select the desired option in the list. To print the calendar, first use the "Print Settings" function, and then "Print" specify the orientation, margins, position of the calendar on the sheet, select the printer, type of paper used, quality and quantity of copies.

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