How To Make Hair For A Doll Using Glue

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How To Make Hair For A Doll Using Glue
How To Make Hair For A Doll Using Glue

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BJD dolls are in great demand. But sometimes their hair is made of synthetics. Looks pretty, but deteriorates quickly. What if the beauty's curls began to roll down? The toy is worth a lot. With a little effort, you will make the doll's hair out of wool using glue.

How to make doll hair with glue
How to make doll hair with glue

It is necessary

  • Llama skin with pile.
  • Scissors.
  • Glue "Moment Crystal".
  • A small piece of fabric and a needle and thread.
  • Toothpick, orange stick.


Step 1

First you need to sew a wig cap. Theoretically, you can just glue wool on the head of a toy, but then you will never be able to change its hair again, or it will have to be restored. The easiest method is to use a wig, gluing it on, if necessary, with a drop of glue. The cap is sewn along the top line of the forehead, in a word, according to how hair usually grows. You need to make two halves with a seam at the top.

Step 2

Now the fun part is the hair! They need to be cut off with curls, keeping the same length. Remember: you can cut a llama wig at the bottom ends, but then the unique effect of naturalness will be destroyed. Cut along the curls, immediately treat the cut with glue and rather attach to the fabric. To stick the curl, you can use the tools at hand - toothpicks, used orange sticks, and so on. We chose the "Crystal" glue, because it is transparent. Start gluing from the bottom back, but remember to work hard to make the row. It is also better to immediately think about whether you want hair for the doll with or without a row, since this method somewhat limits the styling of the hairstyle.

Step 3

If you chose the option with a row, glue the hair perpendicularly, holding a stick or toothpick in the desired position. If you decide to have a sleek hairstyle - just continue to gently glue your hair. You don't have to suffer with the upper hairline, but you need to glue it very carefully, and you will have to hold the stick securely to the upper part, otherwise the wig will turn out to be crooked.

Step 4

Let your hair dry. Llama is a soft kind of wool, if you hurry, nothing will work. Now you need to drop a drop of glue on the head of the toy and attach the wig.

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