How To Make A Tilde Doll

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How To Make A Tilde Doll
How To Make A Tilde Doll

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Tilda is a special type of soft fabric toys (not necessarily little people) that look so cozy and emotional that they are rightfully considered talismans of home warmth and family love.

How to make a tilde doll
How to make a tilde doll

It is necessary

For the body - flesh-colored gabardine and white calico, for clothes - colored cotton, for hair - cotton threads and mohair, for stuffing - holofiber


Step 1

First you need to carve out the details of the doll. Drawings can be found on the Internet or in special publications, but you can sketch them yourself - body parts are rather arbitrary. These are two arms, two legs, a head with a neck and shoulders and a lower part of the body, which can be made not flesh-colored, but white and trimmed with lace - it will be something like underwear. Fabric elements should be sewn by hand or on a typewriter.

Step 2

In order for the details of the doll to turn out without wrinkles and tightness, it is necessary to make cuts on the allowances in all convex and concave places. It is worth turning out with a wooden stick, very carefully. After that, parts of the doll's body should be stuffed with small "portions" of holofiber, carefully tamping it inside with the same stick or pencil. Legs must be stuffed tightly to the knees, stitched in the knees and then stuffed loosely and not to the very top. Then you need to sew all parts of Tilda's body.

Step 3

The hairstyle is made from mohair threads (they are sewn or glued). Facial features can be embroidered or painted.

Step 4

A bright robe or wrap dress is sewn separately.

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