Commemorative Panel "Ladoshki" For A Friendly Family

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Commemorative Panel "Ladoshki" For A Friendly Family
Commemorative Panel "Ladoshki" For A Friendly Family

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Maybe souvenirs about how the family was born and grew are not very useful in the household, but they are so pleasant to consider, remembering the most joyful moments …

Commemorative panel
Commemorative panel

Panel "Ladoshki" from a series of pleasant souvenirs about your family. This panel can be done in different ways. The most durable is embroidery.

1. Embroidered panel

commemorative panel Ladoshki for a large family
commemorative panel Ladoshki for a large family

For an embroidered panel, you will need a one-color fabric (for example, chintz, satin, linen), multi-colored threads, a frame, cardboard.

1. Circle the hands of each family member on paper. Then transfer the drawing to the fabric, aligning the silhouettes of the palms. The translation can be done using carbon paper, or by cutting out the palms and outlining them with a simple pencil (or chalk).

2. Sew along each line with a stitch or needle forward stitch. You can also sew a straight stitch with bright thread on a sewing machine. Attach the ends of the threads to the back of the fabric.

3. Select the correct frame size. It is advisable that the frame is sold with glass to protect the panel from house dust.

4. Cut a piece of heavy cardboard about the size of the inside of the frame and stretch the embroidered canvas over this cardboard. On the reverse side, the fabric can be secured with several stitches by joining the opposite edges. Then insert the embroidery into the frame. The panel is ready!

2. Panel with handprints

For those who do not want or know how to sew or embroider, the second way to make a commemorative panel is suitable: paint (for example, watercolor, gouache), thick paper or Whatman paper, a frame.

1. On a large piece of paper, ask all family members to make colorful handprints. Help them to get the result like in the photo. If the prints are not very bright, gently paint over them with the same paint.

2. Cut out the resulting drawing so that the drawing is in the center of the panel.

3. Insert the picture into the frame, under the glass.

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