How To Photograph Rain

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How To Photograph Rain
How To Photograph Rain

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The rain can be long and gloomy, it can be cheerful and sunny. Both that, and another often catches our eyes and makes us experience some emotions. You can try to capture them in a photograph.

How to photograph rain
How to photograph rain


Step 1

Falling water drops are not enough to remove rain. In this case, you will get an indistinct gray picture. Use other elements, symbols of rain, that is, things that accompany it and are visible only in such weather.

Step 2

Remember the endurance. If the shutter speed is longer than 1 / 500th of a second, the raindrops will appear as streaks. To "freeze" droplets in flight, use very short shutter speeds - 1/1000 second or less. Both the one and the other technique can be successful, and vice versa, depends on the specific plot. Smudge and blurred image of drops in heavy rain can create a kind of fogging and tonal perspective of the frame, visually increase the depth of space in the frame. Raindrops “frozen” in flight, on the contrary, will make the photo clearer and more transparent.

Step 3

In connection with the previous point, a camera with a high light sensitivity of the matrix and high-aperture optics will be preferable for shooting in the rain. Changing lenses in the rain is not very convenient, so you should give preference to models with a variable focal length. If your camera is not sealed, you can buy a rain cover or case for shooting in the rain.

Step 4

The best way to depict the state of rain is by comparison. Find familiar and familiar to all objects that changed their appearance in the rain. Take pictures of people walking under umbrellas, streams flowing through the streets, wet tree leaves. Find some scenic window view and shoot through glass with raindrops. Also, you can go outside with a piece of glass and shoot through the water flowing through it, this will give a very interesting effect. You can look for interesting rooftop views by filming groups of people under umbrellas. An interesting shot can be made with people standing under trees or other shelters, hiding from the rain. Experiment with both details and big plans.

Step 5

A thunderstorm looks beautiful in open spaces. Organize a field trip and find a lonely house or tree. Shoot a general shot with a large part of the sky, where a small house stands against the background of the raging elements. If you're lucky, you can catch the lightning in time.

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