How To Draw Graffiti

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How To Draw Graffiti
How To Draw Graffiti

Video: How To Draw Graffiti

Video: How To Draw Graffiti
Video: How to Draw Graffiti Lettering 2023, March

If you want to create an original design of text in a drawing or on a photograph in the style of graffiti, you can do this in Photoshop. In this tutorial, we will look at how to paint graffiti using simple steps, without spending a lot of time. If you are inspired by the result, you can move on to more complex lessons, with drawing by hand and with various special effects.

How to draw graffiti
How to draw graffiti


Step 1

You will need a wall picture and a graffiti font. In this tutorial, I used the RaseOne.ttf font, which you can download from the link… Also, there is a good selection of graffiti fonts on the western site. Section on the main page of the site Font Categories (categories of fonts), item Graffiti (graffiti)

Step 2

The wall image in this example is from If you need an image of a brick wall, you can download it here: Open the wall image in Photoshop: "File" (File) - "Open" (Open)

Step 3

Let's start creating a lettering on the wall. To do this, select the Horizontal Text tool (letter T) with the mouse button.

Step 4

Select an area on the image for text input and enter text.

Step 5

Change the color, size and other parameters of the font. This can be done using the text options toolbar located below the main menu at the top of the screen.

Step 6

On the same toolbar there is a button for creating text deformation. We click it.

Step 7

Choosing a warp style. In this example, a convex style is selected, you can choose this or any other kind of deformation.

Step 8

We get the graffiti-style text, which we will process further.

Step 9

Go to Layer> Layer Style> Outer Glow.

Step 10

Changing the parameters for the text. There may be other parameters for your image that are different from the image in this example. Therefore, choose them yourself while observing the changes in the image. When you end up with a graffiti drawing that suits you, click "yes".

Step 11

That's all. Now you can enjoy your graffiti art.

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