Fabric Flowers: Do It Yourself

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Fabric Flowers: Do It Yourself
Fabric Flowers: Do It Yourself

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You can make a flower from any fabric, for example, chiffon. A wide strip should be cut out of it, folded in half lengthwise. Now you can start forming the flower by wrapping the fabric in a tourniquet. You can fix everything with a needle and thread.

Fabric flowers: do it yourself
Fabric flowers: do it yourself

Flowers can be made from chiffon or silk. These items will look great as a brooch or hair accessory. You can also decorate the bezel with this craft.

Preparation of materials and tools

You will need paper, a marker, a candle, scissors, pins and fabric, the choice of which will depend on the flower made by the master. So, a poppy will look more natural from satin, a rose - from chiffon, and a peony - from viscose or thick chiffon.

Flower manufacturing technology

In order to make stencils, several petals of different sizes should be depicted on paper, after the blank, you can cut it out. Next, the fabric should be rolled up and the layers must be chopped off, otherwise it will not be possible to get the petals from the stencil. The fabric can have different shades for the bud, on the first layer you should circle one of the stencils, and then cut it out. The edges of the resulting blanks should be baked to create a natural bend.

Then you can begin to collect the bud using foam, into which you should stick a needle and thread. The petals need to be put on layer by layer on the needle, then all layers can be sewn together by sewing the leaves from below. The finished product can be attached with a glue gun to a headband, hairpin or brooch base.

Beads can become a decoration for a flower, which can be glued or sewn into the core, paint can give the petals an additional shade. If you want to use the flower as a decoration for the bridesmaid, then ribbons should be sewn to the base of the bud so that it is convenient to tie them around the hand.

Making poppy from fabric

For work you will need: scissors, fabric, wire, beads thread, feathers, lurex, PVA. Several petals should be cut from the fabric. Then you can start making the middle, for this you need to put on beads on the wire in order to be able to roll everything into a spiral. The ends should be left free, and then beads should be put on them and reinforced by crocheting the wire.

Assembling a flower consists in sewing the petals to the core with threads of a suitable color. In order to make the product more durable, its elements can be strengthened with PVA, which becomes transparent after drying. Such a flower can be made using kashibo fabric, which is dense artificial silk. You can strengthen ribbons made of organza or chiffon to the base of the craft. The edges of the petals can be coated with a clear glitter varnish.

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