How To Make A Paper Dragon

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How To Make A Paper Dragon
How To Make A Paper Dragon

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The Japanese art of paper folding is an exciting hobby that develops thinking, creativity and perseverance. In addition to simple shapes, origami has quite complex crafts, among which animals and dragons are often found. However, you don't have to be an origami master to make a paper dragon. There is a simple and affordable way even for beginners to fold a dragon from an ordinary square sheet of paper.

How to make a paper dragon
How to make a paper dragon


Step 1

Flip the square diagonally and mark its center. Bend the corners of the square so that they meet in the middle, forming a square envelope. Turn the workpiece over and make a triple fold "rabbit ear" - draw a short vertical fold from the top corner, and draw two long folds from its bottom point to the left and right corners.

Step 2

Bend them away from you, and to the right side of the center point of the folds, draw a short fold towards you. After bending the figure, you will have a sharp corner sticking out to the right. Fold it up, opening the pocket - so that you have a small diamond in the upper corner of the blank.

Step 3

Now mark several lines on the workpiece - through the center from the left to the right corner, lay a horizontal fold towards you, and then lay two cross-folds from you, also through the center point of the shape. Bend the workpiece down along the marked lines. Bend the side edges of the front and back rhombus inward.

Step 4

Turn the resulting figure both in front and behind. Repeat the fold "rabbit ear" on the left and right of the revealed figure, and then turn over the workpiece, throwing its front right side to the left and the back left side to the right.

Step 5

Modify the upper left detail that resembles a dragon's head on a long neck - make a zipper fold to make the neck more realistic. Fold the top right piece with a zipper to create a tail. Fold the bottom edges of the tail inward and twist the dragon's head. Fold in the triangular bump on your back. Fold the sharp edges of the dragon's head inward.

Step 6

Bend the wings of the dragon upward, form two sharp legs under the wings, and fold the wings themselves in short zipper folds several times so that they become embossed. The dragon is ready.

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