How To Draw A Bird: A Step-by-step Lesson

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How To Draw A Bird: A Step-by-step Lesson
How To Draw A Bird: A Step-by-step Lesson

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If you have just started to explore the world of fine art, be prepared for the fact that quite a lot of simple things are not so easy to draw as it might seem. Take a bird, for example. To draw a really beautiful representative of the birds, you will have to tinker a lot with your technique of depicting shadows and learn how to correctly convey the lightness of these creatures. Here are some tips on where to start.

How to draw a bird: a step-by-step lesson
How to draw a bird: a step-by-step lesson


Step 1

Start with the basics. Whatever you draw, in any case, start by determining which bird you are drawing and in what position. Whether she will sit on a branch, peck at grain, or just float away from foreign objects. Having decided on the type, size and position of the bird on canvas, paper or a monitor, start sketching the body.

Step 2

Draw the body, legs and approximately the location of the beak and eyes. Use as little as possible a pencil or brush, as you only need it to set certain "frames" of the picture. Make sure that all parts of the bird are in proportion. If you need to, keep an example close at hand that you can always refer to.

Step 3

Start drawing details with the bird's plumage. This is the most important part to bring the picture to life, try to capture all the highlights and color transitions. Remember that perfect symmetry in nature practically does not exist and it is not at all necessary to make these transitions perfectly even and identical.

Step 4

Try to depict the eyes as believably as possible. They always draw attention to themselves in the first place, and if the look comes out well, consider that the drawing is a success.

Step 5

Practice applying shadows and highlights. This point can only be improved by practice. Consider and analyze in detail the drawings of more experienced artists, pay attention to the little things and how they are done. Try to search the Internet for video tutorials that show in detail how to apply this or that shadow and what is best for this. In any case, even without the detailed shadow overlay, following the rest of the tips and practice, you will easily draw a masterpiece.

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