How To Draw A Lizard With A Pencil

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How To Draw A Lizard With A Pencil
How To Draw A Lizard With A Pencil

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It seems that the fast graceful lizard never remains motionless. This is certainly not the case. The lizard can freeze in anticipation of prey, and hide, trying to avoid danger. When drawing a lizard, it is important to convey the curve of its body and the characteristic pose.

How to draw a lizard with a pencil
How to draw a lizard with a pencil

Start with an arc

Choose the position of the sheet - it can be laid vertically, horizontally and even at an angle. Determine exactly where in the leaf field your lizard will be located. It is best to choose a place closer to the middle of the sheet. You need to draw a lizard in stages.

Draw an arc with a hard pencil. In this case, it is better if it is of an irregular shape, so you do not need a compass. This arc will be the back line of your subject. Pay attention to the body parts of the lizard. She has a rather large head, a long body and a long tail. Divide the curve in half. One part is the head and body, the other is the tail.

You can immediately sketch out the head and body. The head is almost round, while the body is a long oval. Connect them with an almost straight line from the back and a concave one from the abdomen.

Legs directions

Determine how your lizard has legs. The drawing usually shows two or three legs, depending on the angle. A piece of the fourth may be visible. The front legs start almost from the head itself, the hind legs start at the same point as the tail. The guides should be inclined towards the arc. Make the lines more authentic, then the excess can be removed.

It is important that the sharp angle between the front leg and the arch is closer to the head, and between the arch and the hind leg on the side of the tail.

Draw the torso

Starting from the tail, draw another arc. You will end up with something like a progressively widening fork. Connect the diverging ends with a smooth line. Draw the legs - they are rather thick in the lizard, almost do not bend and end in long, sharp fingers. The lines don't have to be perfectly straight.

Eyes, nostrils, scales

At the top of the head, draw a small semicircle with a black circle in it. The second eye of a lizard is usually not visible in the pictures. Having examined a photograph or a living lizard, you will see that its entire body is covered with scales. At the head and on the body, they are larger, on the tail and legs - very small.

There are several ways to draw them. For example, draw several parallel, wavy lines from back to belly. The closer to the tail, the smaller the zigzags and the closer the distance between the lines. You can draw each scale separately, covering the entire body of the lizard with circles adjacent to each other.

If you have a very soft pencil, the scales can be drawn with short straight strokes, sparse on the body and head, and very small and thick on the tip of the tail and paws. A drawing or sketch can be supplemented with a snag on which the lizard sits, or with several blades of grass.

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