How To Draw A Cobra With A Pencil Step By Step

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How To Draw A Cobra With A Pencil Step By Step
How To Draw A Cobra With A Pencil Step By Step

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The bright cobra captivated the imagination of many artists and poets. Her wisdom and love for music are legendary. Cobra is quite common in oriental tales, so it is possible that one day your child will ask you to draw it. Draw her in the most characteristic pose.

How to draw a cobra with a pencil step by step
How to draw a cobra with a pencil step by step

Choosing a material

For those who do not draw very often, the necessary materials are not always at hand. Of course, you can tear out a sheet from a school notebook and take any pencil, but it is still better to choose paper for watercolors or landscape paper. The latter is better, because even a pencil drawing will become more expressive if the paper has texture.

As for the pencils, it is more convenient when there are two of them - hard for sketching and soft for drawing details. You will also need an eraser, but it’s better to learn how to do without it. Try to draw lines so that they can be made a pattern element.

If you don't have an eraser, you can erase fine pencil lines with a small piece of bread crumb.

Determine the position of the cobra

Lay the sheet horizontally. Draw a vertical line approximately in the middle. It can be slightly to the left or slightly to the right. Step back a little from the bottom edge of the sheet and draw a horizontal line. If you have seen a picture of a snake, you might have noticed that the snake coils in several turns. At an angle, the circle looks like an ellipse, so this shape can be sketched. The long axis of the ellipse is parallel to the bottom of the sheet.

The ellipse can be irregular, inscribed in any shape - in a pentagon or hexagon. So the second way to draw a coiled snake is to first sketch out a polygon, then inscribe an ellipse into it. Draw the loops. There can be two or three of them, with the widest one being closest to the viewer. Make a branch from it - a tail. It looks like a long, acute-angled triangle. It can be bent slightly.

Cobra and other variegated snake can be drawn immediately with colored pencils - for example, yellow and brown.

Neck and head

The neck of a cobra is quite simple to depict. These are two vertical lines drawn symmetrically to the middle. The head can be drawn in two ways. For example, you might start with a diamond with an acute angle downward. By rounding the corners, you get a cobra head. You just have to draw the eyes and other characteristic details. The second way is to draw an oval with a vertical long axis. In this case, on the contrary, you need to sharpen the arcs slightly.

The last step is to apply a pattern like a king cobra. Squares on the neck, stripes on the head, circles on the torso or fantastic patterns if you are depicting a fabulous cobra. In this case, you can not remove the extra lines, but make them elements of the pattern.

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