How To Knit An Openwork Hat

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How To Knit An Openwork Hat
How To Knit An Openwork Hat

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For more than a decade, the fair sex has been knitting all kinds of hats that not only look beautiful, but also warm their heads perfectly. And the openwork hat looks especially delightful.

How to knit an openwork hat
How to knit an openwork hat

It is necessary

  • - yarn "Narcissus";
  • - hook 1, 75;
  • - seed beads No. 6;
  • - scissors;
  • - crochet pattern;
  • - balloon;
  • - means for washing and starching caps;
  • - water.


Step 1

Tie 10 stitches and close them in a ring. After that, knit the first row: 3 stitches and 23 double crochets. Starting to knit the second row, make three air loops and from each double crochet in the previous row, knit one double crochet and an air loop. The third and fifth rows are very simple: knit 3 stitches, and then crochet stitches. The fourth row is similar to the second: the only difference between them is that between the double crochets, knit not one air loop, but two.

Step 2

Knit all subsequent rows, strictly adhering to the knitting pattern. There is nothing complicated here. To knit a "rachis step", first knit a row of single crochets in the usual way, then, without turning the work at the end of the row, knit one stitch, and then a single crochet in the last loop of the previous row (and so knit along the entire row). A lush column with an additional crochet will turn out beautiful if you knit it as follows: make a yarn and knit three stitches (there will be five loops on the hook: initial loop + 3 stitches + yarn). Grasp the working thread with the head of the hook and pull it through the first three loops; there should be three loops on the hook. Work the remaining three stitches like a regular double crochet.

Step 3

Before knitting the 28th row indicated in the diagram - a row with beads, cut off the working thread. String the beads on a thick thread of the same color as the hat. Then tie a working thread and knit beads every two loops.

Step 4

Wash the finished openwork hat and starch, drying it on a balloon that needs to be inflated the size of your head.

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