How To Make A Bridal Bouquet Of Roses

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How To Make A Bridal Bouquet Of Roses
How To Make A Bridal Bouquet Of Roses

Video: How To Make A Bridal Bouquet Of Roses

Video: How To Make A Bridal Bouquet Of Roses
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Before the wedding, you need to make a lot of preparations, in particular, attend to the wedding bouquet. If you do not want to spend money on the services of a florist, you can make a classic bouquet from one type of flowers yourself. Wilt-resistant roses are best suited for this.

It is advisable to buy flowers shortly before the wedding, so that it does not have time to wither. You can choose roses of the same color, similar shades or even contrasting ones. The main thing is that they are combined with your outfit and with each other. Keep in mind that it is best to pick the bouquet in the morning just before the ceremony, and this can be additional stress on a rather nervous day.

Preparing flowers

To create a bouquet of roses, depending on their size, you will need from 10 to 25 flowers. First of all, you need to remove excess leaves and thorns from the stems. In the lower part it is necessary to remove all the leaves, in the upper part - only unpresentable ones. After that, you need to cut the stems, to do this, immerse them one by one in water and cut at an acute angle of about 5 cm. An air cushion will not form on the stem under water, so it will be well saturated with moisture. If necessary, you can speed up the opening of the buds by placing the bouquet in warm water. However, this should be done a few minutes before the ceremony, since warm water accelerates the withering of the bouquet.

Start shaping the bouquet. Take 4 flowers, place their buds at the same height in the form of an even square, this will be the center of your bouquet. Place roses one by one around them, placing them slightly lower, this will make the bouquet look like a dome. To better control the process, assemble the bouquet in front of the mirror, so you can see the resulting shape from afar and in perspective.

Flowers can be held together using ordinary stationery rubber bands or floral tape. This should be done at a distance of 7-12 cm from the cups of roses. Fasten the stems almost along the entire length, tying them tightly with floral braid or pulling them with elastic bands at regular intervals. Cutting the stems to the desired length is best before the ceremony, so the bouquet will look better. If you have a few hours left, place your bouquet in water.

How to make a pen

The handle of the bridal bouquet should be rather short - about 15-20 cm. The stems should be cut at the required height with a very sharp knife. Once you've got the handle you want, wipe the stems with a towel to remove excess water. Then take a decorative ribbon, it should be 3 times longer than the handle of the bouquet, tuck the upper end of this ribbon behind a rubber band under the flowers, then start winding around the stems in a tight spiral from top to bottom. In the lower part, make several turns with a ribbon in a straight line, and then start a new tight spiral from the bottom up. Remove the end of the tape under the elastic and secure with decorative pins.

If you want to decorate the bouquet with a bow, make it from a separate piece of ribbon. Be sure to process the edges to make them look neat. The finished bouquet can be stored in the refrigerator for a couple of hours before the ceremony. There it will retain its freshness, while you do not have to finish it at the last moment, risking ruining the wedding dress.