How To Take An Original Photo

How To Take An Original Photo
How To Take An Original Photo

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Originality is a stubborn thing: either it is, or it is not. You also need to distinguish between genuine originality and simple imitation of something that no one else imitates. Therefore, unusual (as well as just good) photos are obtained mostly by accident: if you deliberately invent, experiment, then, most likely, it will turn out vulgar, and not original.

How to take an original photo
How to take an original photo


Step 1

If you need a truly original photo, and you yourself are neither an artist nor a photographer - that is, you have nothing to do with creativity, it is better to use the services of professionals. They have what you need: talent, experience, equipment, special computer programs. They will be able to choose an image for you that will emphasize your individuality and at the same time place you in some unusual surroundings, surround you with unusual lighting, and correct something on the computer. You will have a picture in your hands that you would hardly be able to take yourself. Of course, such services cost money, but originality, like beauty, requires sacrifice, doesn't it?

Step 2

If you feel the makings of an artist in yourself, go for an experiment. In this case, it is hardly necessary to start work just in order to take an interesting picture. Begin to create and give yourself completely to creativity. After all, you are an artist, which means that you have an inner sense of harmony that will not let you down, even if you decide on a bold experiment. But if you just start to "show off" so that later the resulting photo can be hung on an avatar in one of the social networks, then beware: your fellow photographers will not forgive you for this.

Step 3

When you get to work, do not forget that originality is either an unusual image, or the unusual conditions in which this image is placed. An unusual image in unusual conditions is too much. Whatever original photo you want to take, do not overdo it with this very originality: everything is good in moderation. Let one thing be unusual, but this "one" will be to the point, it will fully reveal the individuality of a person and emphasize his special features.

Step 4

Remember one more thing: each person will have their own concept of originality. Someone who has never seen such a photo will be amazed and will declare your picture the height of unusualness, while someone, perhaps living in another country or rotating in other circles, has already managed to comment on a thousand pictures in this style. Everyone will have their own ideas about the originality of the image and the originality of the entourage. Therefore, remember one more meaning of the word "original" - "author". Your photos may not be able to amaze everyone to the core, but they will be yours from start to finish.

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