Druid Horoscope: Alder

Druid Horoscope: Alder
Druid Horoscope: Alder

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Under the auspices of such a tree as alder, there are people born from March 18 to April 14. Such personalities are bright, hot-tempered and temperamental. They have a strong spirit. They love competition and strive for self-realization.

Druid horoscope
Druid horoscope

Alder man often gives the impression of a straightforward, slightly harsh or even rude personality. He does not like to lie, he prefers to talk about everything directly and clearly. A person who, according to the horoscope of the Druids, is an alder, is not distinguished by cunning. He has a great sense of humor, but because of his non-standard outlook on life, jokes from him are often perceived as offensive and impudent.

People who are patronized by such a tree as alder are born leaders. They know how to build people and manage a team, but they do not seek to gather around themselves a large number of followers or subordinates. It is easier for an alder man to act independently. He often chooses the role of a lone player who stubbornly pursues any goals.

Alder Man is competitive. He feels great in a situation when he has to fight with someone. Rivalry motivates him. Despite the fact that a person who is an alder by sign strives for victories, prosperity and glory, he knows how to lose with dignity. Such a person will not fight to the last, she is able to feel the situation and knows when to give up. Alder man rarely concentrates entirely on anything. He has additional strategies and plans in stock. He easily switches from one case to another.

Anyone who was born under the sign of alder prefers to achieve everything on his own in life. Such a person has a very strong character. He is hardy, he has a high resistance to stress. In addition, such a person has a large amount of energy in store. She can remain active even when other people are already exhausted. An alder man rarely needs rest, relaxation, or loneliness. He hates stagnation, does not like to mark in one place and prefers not to wait for the weather by the sea. Often for an alder man, fame and recognition become more important than friendship or relationships with family and relatives.

Alder Man is very temperamental. Often, such people have an explosive character, they have poor control over their emotions, and flare up easily and quickly. People who are patronized by alder according to the horoscope of the Druids love to argue. In addition, they need vivid emotions, new experiences. They are attracted by unexplored horizons. Alder man loves to travel and discover something unusual, previously unknown.

People who are patronized by alder are not afraid of risk. On the contrary, they enjoy various adventures. They easily rub into trust, make a positive impression, and are very charismatic. There are many skillful manipulators among them. They can effortlessly "incite" someone to take risky actions. The alder man is easy-going, he can pick up and jump off the spot in an instant if some bright idea appears in his head. Such a person succumbs to temptations and momentary desires. She is rather fickle, she is rapidly carried away by something new.

An alder man can turn out to be a very passionate lover who will surprise his passion day after day. However, family men from such people are not very good. They do not gravitate towards betrayal, but it is difficult for them to live in conditions of limited freedom. Family life, quiet and full of small joys, usually does not attract people born under the sign of alder. They quickly get bored, and the propensity for constant competition and arguments does not add pleasant notes to family relationships.

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