How To Cover A Phone With Leather

How To Cover A Phone With Leather
How To Cover A Phone With Leather

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A leather-covered phone costs a lot of money, as it testifies to the wealth of its owner. The purchase of such a device is not available to everyone. Therefore, you can independently cover your existing phone with leather to give it uniqueness and sophistication.

How to cover a phone with leather
How to cover a phone with leather

It is necessary

  • - imitation leather or film;
  • - scissors;
  • - stationery knife;
  • - building hair dryer;
  • - soap solution;
  • - alcohol or cologne;
  • - glue.


Step 1

Examine the phone carefully. Find out if there are modifications to his model with leather trim. If there is, then it is necessary to cover it with leather by analogy. If not, then you have to improvise.

Step 2

Decide which parts will be covered by the skin. To a large extent, it depends on the type of phone. For a regular candy bar, you should not tighten the front part, since it is very difficult to cut a hole for the display. If you have an IPhone, then you can tighten the skin completely on the back side. For a clamshell it is advisable to cover only the outer parts.

Step 3

Disassemble the phone by removing the parts that will fit. You can find instructions for incomplete disassembly in the instruction manual. It is also worth visiting the forum dedicated to the phone model. When disassembling completely, use only special screwdrivers, since the telephone bolts have caps with a special pattern.

Step 4

Prepare the surface to be applied to. To do this, wash it thoroughly with soap and warm water. Degrease with alcohol or cologne just before application.

Step 5

Select the material to be applied to the phone. You can choose leather or artificial film that imitates the skin. The second option is better as the film is easier to apply. It is more durable, its cost is low, so you can periodically apply a new one to keep the phone looking immaculate.

Step 6

Degrease the surface. Peel off the protective layer from the back of the film. Apply some soapy water to the surface and stick the film. Stretch it carefully so that all wrinkles and bubbles disappear. Take a building hair dryer. Heat the film in even circular motions while continuing to stretch it. Fold the edges under the back and carefully trim. Apply the film to all parts using the same scheme. Set aside to dry overnight. Assemble your phone.

Step 7

Unplug a piece of material if you decide to fit the phone with genuine leather. Degrease the surface. Apply steamed leather to it, lubricating the back with glue. Smooth it thoroughly over the entire surface. Secure the edges by gluing them to the back of the part. Set the part aside to dry. Dried skin will shrink slightly and adhere firmly to the surface of the phone case.

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