How To Make Figurines From Balls And Sausages

How To Make Figurines From Balls And Sausages
How To Make Figurines From Balls And Sausages

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Balloons themselves bring a festive atmosphere to any event, both indoors and outdoors. Various compositions from balloons look especially original and interesting at the holiday, in particular, figurines, for the manufacture of which special long thin latex balloons are used for modeling. These figurines will be a great gift for any child - they cheer up and can become an excellent object for games.

How to make figurines from balls and sausages
How to make figurines from balls and sausages


Step 1

It is not difficult to learn how to model different shapes from such balls. Prepare long, thin balls of different sizes, duct tape, pump, safety pin, scissors, and a felt-tip pen. Buy high quality and durable balls that will not burst during twisting.

Step 2

Use a hand pump to inflate the balloon. To do this, stretch it by the ends and slide the inlet onto the pump neck. Inflate the balloon gradually by pressing on the pump piston. Leave the tail of the balloon not inflated so that it can be twisted later. If you have inflated the balloon completely, release some air from it. Tie the tip of the ball in a loop.

Step 3

Before you start rolling the ball, determine the size of the bubble you want. Twist the ball at the neck, holding both sides of the twist with your fingers.

Step 4

To secure the curled bubbles so that they do not unfold, twist four bubbles, then fold the second and third together, and twist them together. Wrap the resulting twist between the first and fourth bubbles. Thus, you have a "castle".

Step 5

In order to twist the dog, take a ball number 260, and also prepare a water-based felt-tip pen. Inflate the balloon with a hand pump, leaving some free space at the end and not inflating the last 15 cm of the balloon.

Step 6

Twist the ball into three elongated bubbles and connect the second and third bubbles into a lock. Separately twist the small neck bubble and, while holding it, make the front legs in the form of two small sausages, connected to the neck with a lock. Align your head, neck, and paws.

Step 7

At a distance of 12 cm from the front paws, make another twist, forming the torso, and twist the two bubbles for the hind legs, connecting them with a lock to the torso. From the rest of the ball, make a tail and attach it to the torso. Draw the dog's face with a water felt-tip pen.

Step 8

By the same principle, you can easily make any other figure by varying the sizes and combinations of bubbles.

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