How To Sew Socks

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How To Sew Socks
How To Sew Socks

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Socks are exactly the thing that is always needed in the wardrobe, regardless of gender, age, foot size and occupation. The most important distinguishing feature of socks is that they are constantly lost or torn. The assortment of socks in the store is huge, but sometimes you want to have those that no one else has. In this case, you can sew the socks yourself. How to do this, read the instructions below.

How to sew socks
How to sew socks


Step 1

First, make a pattern for the sock. In total, you need to make patterns of the four parts of which the sock will consist, namely the top of the toe, the back and the heel, the elastic of the sock and the sole. Choose a thin and knitted fabric - it should stretch well. But remember that stretching fabric is more difficult to work with. It is best to use an old knitted blouse that you will no longer wear for sewing socks.

Step 2

Take measurements from your feet, make patterns on paper for all the details and, using chalk or soap, transfer them to the fabric. You can find ready-made patterns on the Internet, but it may happen that the size of the pattern does not match the size of your foot. Therefore, adjust the finished pattern to your size. Cut carefully.

Step 3

Sew the elastic of the sock first. To do this, cut a rectangle out of the fabric that matches the circumference of your ankle in length. Choose the width as you like. Now sew the short sides of the rectangle. Sew them so that the seam is inside the elastic.

Step 4

Now start sewing the bottom of the toe and heel. To do this, connect the arcuate sides of the bottom and heel. Sew again so that the seam is inward, nothing should stick out from the outside.

Step 5

Now connect the top of the sock with the bottom sole by stitching the outermost tops of both parts, and then stretch the top of the sock in relation to the bottom of the sock. Sew all parts of the sock together. Best of all, if you sew on a sewing machine.

Step 6

If you sew parts by hand, chances are high that you will put the seam unevenly. And since your fabric is stretching and will fit tightly to your leg, all the irregularities will be very clearly visible, and this will not add beauty to your socks. So it's better to just carefully sew the parts on a typewriter, taking into account that all the seams should remain inside the sock (sew on the wrong side).

Step 7

Now connect the elastic of the sock to the rest of the sock. Turn the sock right out.

Step 8

Now, following the same algorithm, cut out and sew a second sock. To distinguish between the left and right toes, make the seams on the elastic bands mirrored.

The socks are ready. Wear them with pleasure!

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