How To Weave A Beaded Keychain For Your Phone

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How To Weave A Beaded Keychain For Your Phone
How To Weave A Beaded Keychain For Your Phone

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DIY miniature beaded keychains are a great idea for a small presentation. It does not take much time and money to make them, and the weaving technique is so simple that even those who have never weaved from these beads can handle it.

How to weave a beaded keychain for your phone
How to weave a beaded keychain for your phone

For a keychain, you can weave absolutely any figurine, be it an animal, an insect, a fruit, or even a car. First, you need to draw a diagram (you can use a ready-made one or come up with it yourself) on a piece of paper in a box, where one cell will be equal to one bead. Make a simple picture with felt-tip pens or pencils, and then select the beads according to the drawing. In addition to the weaving pattern, you will need:

- round beads of the required shades;

- thin wire or fishing line for beading;

- scissors;

- carabiner and keychain loop.

Detach the carabiner from the eyelet. Cut a piece of fishing line or wire about 50 cm long. Fold it in half. Insert into the hole of the carabiner. Slip the ends of the cord through the loop and tighten. Make another similar knot. This technique will help to firmly secure the keychain to a loop or ring. Then start weaving according to your pattern.

The easiest way is to weave figurines-pendants for key chains using the parallel weaving technique.


A very cute charm that will appeal to both children and adults. Secure the beading wire as described above. String 1 red bead onto the right end of the cord and pull the left side of the wire through it. Pull her in.

In the next row, string 3 beads (3 red and 1 black). Pull the other end of the wire through the middle and first beads of the row. In each subsequent row, increase the number of beads by 2, and string the black beads in a chaotic manner. In the latter, string green beads that imitate the peel of a watermelon. Attach a telephone key fob loop or key ring chain to the carabiner.

Keychain ladybug

Cut a piece of wire about 50 cm long. Secure it to the carabiner with a double knot and start weaving the harness. String 3 beads of black color, and then one more, placing it at some distance from the row. Twist a wire under this bead and pass it through all the beads in the row. This will create a ladybug antennae. In the same way, do the second on the other side of the first row. String 5 black beads in the second row, and 7 in the third row.

To make this keychain, you will need red and black beads.

Next, weave the beetle's wings. String 4 red beads, then 3 black and 4 more red, pull the other end of the wire through all the beads in the row. In the next row, cast on 5 red beads, 2 black and 5 red again. In the sixth row, begin to weave specks. To do this, string 3 red, 2 black, 2 red, 1 black, again 2 red, 2 black and 3 red beads. In the seventh row, cast on the wire 8 red beads, 1 black and 8 red again.

In the next two rows, reduce the number of beads by 2 in each row, while making specks and a black strip between the beetle's wings. In the last three rows of the figurine, string in the middle 2, 3 and 4 black beads in each row. Fasten the wire and cut off the excess. Attach an eyelet or ring and decorate your belongings with a miniature and cute keychain.

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