How To Weave A Beaded Bracelet With A Name

How To Weave A Beaded Bracelet With A Name
How To Weave A Beaded Bracelet With A Name

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Many people saw and loved bracelets with names in childhood. In fact, weaving such an ornament is not at all difficult, and materials for this are sold in almost every craft store.

How to weave a beaded bracelet with a name
How to weave a beaded bracelet with a name

It is necessary

  • -beads
  • -types
  • -needle
  • -loom for weaving (purchased or homemade)


Step 1

Make a weaving pattern. Take a regular checkered notebook sheet and draw a rectangle on it, in which the number of cells in width and length will coincide with the number of beads in your future product. Then, filling in the cells, write the desired name in this way. You will get a scheme in which filled cells will mean beads of one color, and empty cells - another (base).

Step 2

Prepare the loom for weaving. To do this, you can use a pre-purchased special machine, but if you do not want to spend extra money on the purchase, you can make the machine yourself by taking a box from under shoes, tea, cookies, etc. In an open box, you will need to make holes into which you will insert working threads. You can just wind the threads around the box, but make sure they are tight. To do this, tape them with tape at the bottom of the box.

Step 3

Stretch the warp threads. In order to determine how many warp threads you need, check the diagram to see how thick your bracelet will be. If the bracelet is 8 beads thick, then there will be 9 warp threads, that is, there are always one more of them than beads. You can use special nylon threads for weaving, or you can take a regular floss. If there is neither one nor the other, you can use a thin line.

Step 4

Prepare a working thread. To do this, take a needle (regular or special for beading), insert an ordinary thread into it that matches your product as much as possible in color. That is, if you weave on a white background, take a white thread. Tie the thread to the first warp thread. Use scotch tape to keep it from dangling or getting tangled.

Step 5

String the beads onto the needle one at a time, following the color scheme you created. If the width is eight beads, then string eight pieces. In other words, you are braiding from width to length.

Step 6

Pass the beaded thread under the warp threads, pushing each bead between these threads. Hold the pushed beads with your index finger, pressing them together. This may seem difficult to you, but only the first rows go hard, the rest stand by themselves.

Step 7

Pass the needle through the beads in the opposite direction over the warp threads so that the beads are fixed in a row.

Step 8

Check if you have captured all the beads with the needle and, if everything is in order, pull out the working thread. This will give you the first row.

Step 9

Make the second and subsequent rows in the same way as the first. In order for the rows to lie exactly to each other, you can “knock out” them with a ruler or a bank card.

Step 10

Cut the warp threads from the bottom of the box when you finish weaving and remove the garment from the machine. Tie the warp threads in knots or braid them. The bracelet is ready!

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