How To Crochet A Wallet

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How To Crochet A Wallet
How To Crochet A Wallet

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Linking an original wallet is not as difficult as it seems at first glance. It is enough to be able to crochet single crochet and have basic needlework skills.

How to crochet a wallet
How to crochet a wallet

It is necessary

  • - woolen or blended twisted yarn of medium thickness, beige or pink;
  • - 2 small black buttons;
  • - 1 large pink button;
  • - zipper with a length of 10 cm;
  • - hook number 2.


Step 1

Tie 2 identical oval pieces. Make a chain of three chain stitches. Tie it with single crochets, evenly increasing their number at the first and third chain stitches in each subsequent row. Make 8-10 rows in this way, depending on the desired size of the wallet.

Step 2

Tie the ears. Cast on a chain of 7 chain stitches, of which 2 chain stitches are for lifting. Next, knit 3 double crochets, 6 single crochets and 3 more double crochets. The result should be a triangle. Make another similar detail.

Step 3

Fold in the oval pieces from the wrong side, sewing in the ears. at the same time, leave a hole for the fastener between them. Turn the part out on the front side and sew a zipper into the hole between the ears or attach a special clasp for wallets.

Step 4

In the middle of one side of the wallet, sew a large pink button (you get a piglet's patch) and 2 small black buttons for the eyes.

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