How To Knit In A Northerner

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How To Knit In A Northerner
How To Knit In A Northerner

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"Severyanka" is one of the very first, if not the very first, domestic knitting machines. Almost at the same time, such models as "Severyanka-1" and "Severyanka-2" were born. The difference between them lies in the improved needle bed and the modified carriage of the second model. One of the main features of such a machine is considered to be movable plates and 210 needles.

How to knit in a northerner
How to knit in a northerner

It is necessary

  • - machine "Severyanka";
  • - yarn.


Step 1

For knitting on the Severyanka machine, the yarn is laid out on open needles. After that, the machine begins to lift the plates, pulling the canvas and, at the same time, advancing the thread under the plate itself. Such a machine forms loops by the method of special movement of its own needles, and this is how the general appearance of the canvas is obtained.

Step 2

The knitting machine "Severyanka" is universal in that it is capable of making patterns of sufficient volume, since it has movable plates that control the process of stretching the fabric. For example, she can create press-type patterns that are characterized by an accumulation of six yarns.

Step 3

"Severyanka" allows you to knit several small items at the same time, for example, sleeves with shelves. This is achieved through a manual process of threading the needles. It can cut necklines, vertical cuts, and even use yarn from two different skeins of thread. This type of knitting machine is also useful for creating colored models from several skeins of different colors. Colored areas of products will be obtained evenly and without much difficulty.

Step 4

The main type of weaving, which can be done with the help of "Severyanka", will be satin stitch on a coulir basis. This will produce perfect press-type patterns thanks to the shifting of the carriage levers.

Step 5

The machine has a decker, that is, a tool for transferring loops. The needles in the machine are pulled out in accordance with a given pattern, which makes it easy to work on it. All this allows you to manually create openwork, weaving, jacquard and other types of weaves.

Step 6

The main operations available at Severyanka are: a set of loops and elimination of defects, knitting of the initial row and closing of loops, decreasing and adding loops, decorating the edge and fabric along the bottom of the product, creating a false elastic or double edge, knitting with an additional thread or a serrated edge, loops and cuts, easy removal of the finished fabric, knitting of several parts at the same time, weaves, ornaments and patterns, as well as horizontal and vertical connection of colored stripes.

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