Rules For Florists

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Rules For Florists
Rules For Florists

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Video: Rules For Florists
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The saddest thing is when a plant dies in your house. This can happen even with the most experienced gardeners. In order for flowers to always delight you with their appearance, you must follow a number of simple rules.

Rules for florists
Rules for florists

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Step 1

If the plant needs a lot of light, then it is better to put it on the southern windows of the apartment. These flowers include: valotta, aloe, almost all cacti, gasteria and others.

Step 2

It is necessary to monitor the temperature. Most plants require warmth. Dracaena, ferns, amaryllis should be placed in a well-heated room. Geranium, laurel, Chinese rose, cyclamen will be glad to have a cool room.

Step 3

Plants that love moisture should be placed in the kitchen. There is humidified air. These flowers include: begonia, fittonia, alocasia, cyperus.

Step 4

In winter and autumn, flowers should not be placed close to the battery. From this, their roots will begin to dry out.

Step 5

Plants should not be placed in the nursery. A child playing can accidentally overturn the pot. The kid will be injured, and the plant will die. Keep pets away from flowers. Cats love to chew on foliage.

Step 6

If the plant has velvety leaves, then it cannot be put in the shade. They are not afraid of sunburn. These include violet and gloxinia.

Step 7

Avoid toxic plants in your home. These are geranium, rhododendron, plectranthus. They have a very pungent odor.