How To Get A Hunting Permit

How To Get A Hunting Permit
How To Get A Hunting Permit

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Amateur and sport hunting is carried out with a special permit. This document is issued by the designated hunting grounds authorized by the Ministry of Forestry and Hunting. The procedure for obtaining is regulated at the legislative level.

How to get a hunting permit
How to get a hunting permit

A hunter from a poacher is distinguished by a hunting permit. The document includes a state certificate, a control card of the caught game and violations, a shooting card, a permit for the right to use a firearm, a passport for a dog (if the hunt is conducted with a trained animal). The shooting card is issued by the organization on the site of which the hunt is planned, after passing the exam.

Contact a hunter society, pay your membership and entrance fees, get a hunting ticket, and then visit the police station, where you will be given a permit to carry a weapon. Take with you an identity card, preferably a passport, two photographs of a certain sample. Prepare a medical certificate of your health, which is valid for one month from the date of issue. Bring a document that proves that you are not registered with a drug addiction or psychiatric dispensary.

The verification of the accuracy of the information provided by you takes a month. At this time, requests are made to the appropriate authorities, where they will say whether you have been convicted or brought to other responsibility. If all is well, you will be given a document according to which you can use the weapon while hunting. Register with the state hunting register immediately.

To obtain permission to a representative of a legal entity or an individual entrepreneur, you need to submit an application to a hunting farm, in which you should indicate how many copies of the document you are asking to issue, the types of planned hunting, and provide information on the amount of hunting resources. Do not forget about the name and organizational-legal form of the legal entity (IE), personal data of the head, his contact phone number, postal address and (or) e-mail address. Attach a copy of the hunting management agreement, a copy of the constituent documents and an extract from the USRN of legal entities. Copies of documents must be notarized.

The application must be considered within 5 working days, then a permit is issued to a legal entity and an individual entrepreneur. And they note in the journal the fact of receiving the document.

An individual can apply in person or by mail. Indicate your passport details; the desired type of hunting; information about the extracted hunting resources and their quantity; estimated hunting dates, locations; date of receipt, registration series and hunting ticket number.

Authorized persons check the information contained in the application within one working day, and upon receipt of the document by mail - 5. The permit is handed in personally, and a corresponding mark is made in the document about its receipt. The document can also be sent by registered mail with notification.

Refusal to issue a permit must be motivated and correctly stated in a separate document. It can also be sent to the addressee by mail. They refuse to issue a permit to the applicant who submitted the application and the attached documents that do not meet the requirements or the information contained in it turned out to be unreliable. At the end of the validity period, return the voucher to the place of its issue, you will be given notes on the number of hunted hunting animals. The permit must be renewed every three years.

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