How To Make A Target With Your Own Hands

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How To Make A Target With Your Own Hands
How To Make A Target With Your Own Hands

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A target is needed for shooting pneumatic weapons, bows, children's pistols, as well as throwing darts. It is quite simple to make, but the type of target depends on what you are going to shoot from.

The target consists of concentric circles
The target consists of concentric circles

It is necessary

  • - a sheet of thick plywood (6-10 mm);
  • - compasses;
  • - felt;
  • - a piece of rope;
  • - a sheet of thick paper;
  • - pentaphthalic paint;
  • - soil;
  • - ink;
  • - carpentry tools;
  • - sandpaper;
  • - universal glue.


Step 1

The suction cup child pistol target is best made from thick plywood. Saw out a square with a side of at least 30 cm. Grind the workpiece, putty the cracks, if any. Paint the surface with white pentaphthale paint. You can also use automotive enamel in spray cans. It is more convenient to paint plywood if it lies horizontally, then drips do not form. Let the workpiece dry.

Step 2

The target consists of several concentric circles. Draw the diagonals of the square to find the center. Draw the first circle with a radius of 5 cm. The radius of the second is 10 cm, the third is 15 cm, and so on. The largest ring should not touch the sides of the square. Leave 2-5 cm on each side.

Step 3

Paint over the smallest circle with black paint. As for the rest of the circles, then there are options. You can simply trace the contours with black pentaphthale paint. You can alternate between white and black rings. Nothing prevents you from doing multiple sectors. For example, for the second largest circle, paint one quarter (between the diagonals of the square) with black paint, leave the second white, the third black, and the fourth white. For the third circle, the first quarter will be white, the second will be black. Color in a checkerboard pattern all the areas between the diagonals.

Step 4

If you are going to compete in shooting accuracy, you can determine the number of points for hitting a particular sector. The shooter gets the most points by hitting the center. The number of points can be written on the corresponding sectors with paint in a contrasting color.

Step 5

For throwing darts, you need a slightly different target. The darts must stick. So cut one square out of plywood, another out of felt, and the third out of thick white paper. Stick the felt onto the plywood.

Step 6

Mark out a piece of paper. Find the middle of it, and then use a compass to draw concentric circles. Color them in the same way as for making a target for a child's pistol. The paper can be attached to the felt using glue, pins, or buttons. Such a target is suitable not only for throwing darts, but also for shooting from pneumatic weapons. True, the top paper layer will have to be changed quite often.

Step 7

No matter what the target is for, hang it up. To do this, find the middle of the top edge. Step 1-2 cm down from this point and drill a hole. Pass a piece of sturdy rope through the hole. The target can now be hung on a nail or a special rack.

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