How To Make An Amulet With Your Own Hands In

How To Make An Amulet With Your Own Hands In
How To Make An Amulet With Your Own Hands In

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What is an amulet? An amulet is a kind of object that brings good luck to its owner in a certain matter - love, deeds, work, and so on. This is a more intimate thing than a toothbrush, and, therefore, must be “tailored to order” - that is, made for a specific person and for him. It is best if the amulet is made by the hands of the future owner himself.

Making an amulet with your own hands is a business that does not tolerate fuss
Making an amulet with your own hands is a business that does not tolerate fuss


Step 1

First of all, there are three questions to be resolved:

1. How the future amulet will look like;

2. What it will consist of;

3. Why do you need it (in what area of ​​your life it should attract good luck).

The most important thing is to decide on the sphere in which your amulet will operate. Don't expect an item made to attract love into your life to suddenly make you John Templeton.

As for the appearance, it's easy. Show your imagination, let your inspiration fly. Let your amulet look like a purse embroidered with runes or a pendant made of beads. Perhaps you want an amulet that resembles a "dream catcher" or an Egyptian ankh. Choose a shape that works for you.

For the amulet, select items that you associate with its future area of ​​responsibility. Do you want to attract good luck in love? What do you associate with love? Perhaps it's dry scented rose petals, a candle stub from your last romantic dinner, or a piece of rose quartz. Choose everything that you associate with tender feelings and passion.

The same rule applies to other things. For an amulet for good luck in business, bills, coins, and even a biography of Warren Buffett will come in handy! If only this object in your imagination was firmly associated with wealth.

Step 2

At the second stage, when all the components of the future amulet are collected, it is important to choose the right time for its manufacture. All actions aimed at attracting something into your life are performed only on the new moon and on the growing moon.

The day of the week is also important. So, for example, Venus patronizes Friday, which means that on this day it is best to make an amulet to attract romance into your life. Wednesday is the day of Mercury and is ideal for making a talisman to attract good luck in business. Tuesday belongs to the warlike Mars, Thursday belongs to the royal leader Jupiter, Saturday belongs to the decisive and eternally philosophizing loner Saturn, and Sunday belongs to the life-giving Sun - the patron saint of the greatest representatives of humanity and careerists.

In addition to the moon phase and day of the week, it is also worth checking the astrological clock. You may be surprised, but a certain planet is responsible for every hour of the day, whose patronage will not be superfluous at all.

Step 3

When making an amulet, think about what you would like to receive. All the energy of your desire will go into the thing you are doing.

After the amulet is made, try to carry it with you. At first, you may be a little uncomfortable - this will soon pass and the amulet, having understood and accepting you, will serve your goals faithfully.

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