How To Take A Photo, Like On

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How To Take A Photo, Like On
How To Take A Photo, Like On

Video: How To Take A Photo, Like On

Video: How To Take A Photo, Like On
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The project employs professional photographers who know how to handle technology and have extensive shooting experience. Therefore, the photographs there are clear, bright, with competent lighting. A few tips will help you get closer to this level of photography.

How to take a photo, like on
How to take a photo, like on


Step 1

Check the focus indication first. On Nikon cameras, a green light should light up in the viewfinder if the focus is on the area you have selected. However, if you want to capture the closest object and choose the mode with the white triangle in square brackets, then in the photo it may be different, it is difficult to predict here. It is better to choose the focus in the center and make sure that the camera "captures" the subject you want.

Step 2

Get a stabilizer. It reduces hand shake, to which the camera is very sensitive, resulting in sharp images. The lens markings must be Nikon - VR, Canon - IS. You don't need a stabilizer if you're shooting from a tripod or windowsill.

Step 3

Reduce the shutter speed when shooting a moving subject. If you are photographing sports events, then set the shutter speed to 1/500 or less. You can turn on the flash if there is not enough light for fast-moving objects.

Step 4

Try to take a series of shots, later you can choose the clearest one, and delete the rest. 3-5 shots in burst mode will be sufficient.

Step 5

Try not to cover the lens passage too much to avoid diffraction, that is, blurring. For deep-field shots, it is recommended to set this value, i.e. aperture larger than f / 11. At the same time, when shooting from a short distance, do not photograph at the maximum depth of field. A normal portrait shot can easily be taken with the f / 5.6 aperture covered.

Step 6

Keep in mind that sometimes photos are sharpened with Photoshop. A photographer may have several assistants and a mountain of special equipment, both for shooting and for processing photographs. It is quite possible to take a great shot with a regular amateur camera if you use it correctly.