How To Take Photos In Which Everything Is Like A Toy

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How To Take Photos In Which Everything Is Like A Toy
How To Take Photos In Which Everything Is Like A Toy

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It is technically easy to achieve the illusion of a toy world when shooting real objects using a special tilt-shift lens. But this method is more suitable for film cameras. Digital images are processed using online services, special programs and Photoshop.

tilt-shift effect
tilt-shift effect

Shooting method

When planning to turn a picture into a miniature puppet, you should choose a shooting point on a hill. Objects should be shot from above and slightly tilted. If these conditions are met, the effect of the toy world will appear to the maximum in the processed photo.

Online service

Some sites on the Internet provide the ability to process a photo by uploading an image from a computer or by entering a web address. The TiltShiftmaker service is extremely easy to use. After uploading a suitable photo, select the area that you want to keep in focus, the program will perform the rest of the actions automatically. By changing the settings, you can increase the brightness and contrast of the main element. The result is uploaded to the site and the link can be used to download the full-size edited image.

More features and effects

With the upcoming processing of a large number of photos or creating a series, it is more convenient to work with a full-fledged program. Tilt Shift Generator has more options than fast, but rather primitive online services. Selective focus and blur strength is adjusted using the program to the desired intensity, which is impossible to achieve even with the most expensive professional equipment.

Additional settings for the bokeh shape (aperture) can be adjusted so that in the blur area there are hearts or stars instead of highlights. After processing, the photo can be easily saved in the desired format and size without loss of quality.

How to reproduce the tilt-shift effect in Photoshop

Creating a decorative toy photo in the most popular photo editor Photoshop is a snap. Select and upload a suitable image. Photos of the landscape, low houses, cars and trains become very interesting after tilt-shift processing.

Create a quick mask layer by pressing the Q key or clicking on the Quick Mask button. Select the Gradient Tool and set the Style to Black and White Mirror Gradient. Hold down the Shift key and, moving the selected tool, fill the fragment of the photo with a gradient that should remain in focus.

Switching to standard mode by pressing the Q button, you will see the highlighted areas that are to be defocused. To do this, in the filter menu, select blur at shallow depth of field. If you are satisfied with the result you see, try experimenting with different blur styles.

For a more puppet effect, try increasing the contrast and saturation of the main element. In the "correction" menu, select the item brightness - contrast, move the sliders to achieve the desired result.

Do not be afraid of unnatural colors, bright colors are inherent in the toy world. The more artificial the objects look, the more they will look like miniature models.

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