How To Photograph A Couple

How To Photograph A Couple
How To Photograph A Couple

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Shooting a couple in love, or love-story, is a fairly popular trend in photography recently. Many young couples would not refuse to have such pictures, because they capture invaluable moments of life spent together. This is a love story forever preserved in photographs.

How to photograph a couple
How to photograph a couple


Step 1

The shoot place

Love story can be filmed anywhere, but parks, city streets, and nature are best suited for this purpose. It is good if the place creates a gentle and romantic atmosphere in the photographs. Do not be alarmed by bad weather: almost any manifestation of the elements can be used for your own purposes. More creativity!

Try to choose a place that is not too popular and recognizable - thousands of photographers have done photo sessions there before you. In addition, in such places it can be quite crowded, and this can prevent the couple from feeling free. Take a walk around the city in advance, ask your friends, and you will surely find something interesting.

Step 2


Love stories are both without a plot and plot. In the first case, it is a set of photographs that are not related to each other in meaning. The only thing that unites them is a couple in love on each of them. In the case of plot, photographs are a story in pictures, filmed from a script invented by a couple or photographer. It can be either a real dating story or something more creative. Ask the lovers to bring things that connect them and have special meaning to them - be it a stuffed animal, a book, or a drawing.

Step 3

Working moments

In love story, you have to shoot not only two people, but also the interaction between them. One of the most important tasks of a photographer is to capture emotions. Don't get hung up on hugs and kisses: there are many nuances that can help convey the mood of the participants in the shoot. This is a look, and a position of the body, and touch, and some kind of action. Let the lovers remember and tell stories from their life together, this will help them find the right mood, and in the meantime you will be able to capture true emotions.

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