How To Draw A Couple In Love

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How To Draw A Couple In Love
How To Draw A Couple In Love

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A couple in love always evokes only positive emotions. Tenderness of a glance and quivering touch. The kiss of a guy and a girl can already tell everyone a lot. How to draw two lovers who have merged in a kiss on a simple sheet of paper?

How to draw a couple in love
How to draw a couple in love

It is necessary

  • - album sheet
  • - pencil
  • - eraser


Step 1

Start by drawing the shapes of the lovers' heads. First draw a wide heart, and then divide it in half with a vertical line. The result is two heads touching each other. Draw the necks.

Step 2

Now draw the bodies of the guys. Draw the male torso with a wide vertical rectangle, and the female torso with a narrow vertical rectangle. Draw centerlines. Draw a chest for a guy and a girl, taking into account the peculiarities of the anatomical structure of the body. Using smooth lines draw the waistline for the man and the waistline for the girl.

Step 3

Draw the hands of the lovers. Draw them as circles first. These will be the folds. Connect the circles with straight lines. Draw the girl's hand with a tick. Place the left side on the man's chest. Draw the second hand for the lady. For the guy, draw an outstretched hand lying on the girl's waist.

Step 4

Draw the details of the face. Draw closed eyes in an arc. Also draw the eyebrows with an arc and draw the ears. Draw the hand more clearly. The girl has both brushes visible. Draw closed fingers. Now "dress" the couple in love. Remove all unnecessary details with an eraser. Mark the sleeves of a men's T-shirt with a horizontal stroke that goes slightly beyond the boundaries of the width of the arm. Draw the top of the girl with the help of smooth lines drawn under the arm and on the neck.

Step 5

Draw the hair for the guys. For a guy, get a short haircut, and a long one for a girl. Do not draw each strand. Just make the ends of your hair sharp. Paint the couple in love. Make the guy's hair and T-shirt the same color. On the left side, sketch everything a tone or two lighter. Thus, simulate the play of light and shadow. With the painting of the girl, do the same. Draw the folds on the clothes using dark and light zigzag lines.

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