How To Finish The Neckline In A Dress

How To Finish The Neckline In A Dress
How To Finish The Neckline In A Dress

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If you know how to sew dresses, you probably wondered more than once how to properly design and process the necks of dresses of different styles, sewn according to different patterns and techniques. The processing of the neck and armholes of the dress in the form of a one-piece trim looks beautiful and neat - it is very convenient to process the neck in this way if you are sewing a sheath dress.

How to finish the neckline in a dress
How to finish the neckline in a dress


Step 1

Sew a zipper into the dress, sweep the dress and try it on to make sure the dress is sewn correctly before finishing the neckline. Remove the basting at the shoulder seams to keep them open. Process the side sections of the dress and sew on a typewriter.

Step 2

Cut out the one-piece piping to fit the neckline and armholes of your dress. The welt width should be 4 cm without seam allowances to be added in addition to the overall welt width.

Step 3

Cut out the main fabric of the piping with allowances, and cut out the glue doubler or non-woven fabric without seam allowances, exactly according to the measurements of the neck and armholes. Duplicate the seam details using an iron.

Step 4

Sew one piece for the front of the dress and two pieces for the back. Sew the side seams on the seams on a typewriter, and then iron the seams on the garment and on the seams with an iron. Fold the seams right sides to each other with the dress, carefully align the armholes, front neckline and back neckline with the corresponding parts of the seams, and make small marks at a distance of 3 cm from the shoulder seams.

Step 5

Sweep the piping with the details of the dress, stopping the basting at the marks made earlier, then peel back the zipper tape from the inside on the back of the dress and sweep the neckline. Baste the hem to the zipper tape, not reaching the stitching seam, and then sew the neckline and armholes of the dress on a typewriter, also stopping at the shoulder seam marks.

Step 6

Sew the neckline of the back so that the zipper stitching line stays inside. Cut the seam allowances at the top edge of the zipper, as well as at the rounding points, and turn the piping to the front side. Press the cut to the wrong side, and then pull the shoulder cuts from the inside of the piping while grabbing the cut of the dress and the piping. Fold them together, sweep and sew.

Step 7

Press on the shoulder, turn the dress right out, and sew on the open armhole. Spread out the piping and cut off excess seams. Secure the piping from the inside with a neat basting. The neck is finished.

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